Why you’re struggling to be consistent in your business and how to overcome being inconsistent

Every successful person you know attributes their success to “being consistent.” But no one ever talks about how to overcome being inconsistent. If you’re a normal human you have probably struggled with being consistent in your business. Today we are are going to tackle WHY you’re struggling to be consistent in your business and how to overcome being inconsistent.

There’s two reasons why you’re struggling with consistency:

You dont truly believe in what you’re doing

This can be hard to admit, but when you don’t believe that what you’re doing is adding value or a need you won’t be consistent because you’ll constantly be discouraged or experiencing imposter syndrome.

Your belief about what you do can paralyze you from actually taking any action – without action you won’t be consistent.

Start collecting evidence and look for past experience that can show you and validate for you that you have HELPED, served, and created a transformation for others.

Something else you may need to do is CHANGE the transformation you SAY you can provide. For example, instead of marketing that you can help people reach a certain income level speak to what you CAN do like “shift your mindset” or “create a strategy and plan for execution.”

Be more SPECIFIC about what your promise and transformation is. What is the ACTUAL result you can help people get? Once you know this and have evidence of this, you’ll show up more consistently because you’ll actually BELIEVE what you’re saying.

You don’t enjoy what you’re doing

This happens more often than not. You reach a level of burn out or just don’t feel lit up about what you do anymore.

When you get to this point, you’re not going to be consistent, you just don’t have that fire anymore.

This also can happen when you are taxed and overworked by clients which is why it’s important to be discerning about your offers and who you work with. When you’re in this state of mind you have to make some drastic changes to your business.

So how can you overcome these things or keep yourself from getting to this point?

  • take more breaks/vacations/time off
  • pivot pivot pivot
  • set boundaries with your clients around how to engage with you and work with you
  • work on personal development weekly (if not daily)


  • Struggling to be consistent in your business
  • How to overcome being inconsistent



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