The Quantum Leap CEO – Seasons of Entrepreneurship

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Grab your notebook because this is going to be JUICY!  


I love starting things off with a definition so I want to define what purposeful means.

Quantum Leap: a huge, often sudden, increase or advance in something.


As a Quantum Leap CEO you are in a season scaling, confidence, and embodiment.

This is that season that literally no one prepares you for. Everyone talks about the five figure months, the six figure years but no one talks about how up and down and crazyyyy everything is during this time.

It’s almost like you experience these really high highs income wise but mentally you are running on low and it can make you feel a bit crazy trying to figure out how to keep staying ahead while growing so quickly.

You’re probably feeling so many different emotions in this season:

  • Excited for all the growth
  • Needing boundaries 
    • Having a hard time balancing work and family
    • Working long hours
    • Constantly creating 
    • Still doing all the day to day tasks for the company
  • Ready and need an exit strategy from work because you’re at capacity on both ends
  • Overwhelmed with where to invest
    • Do I need a team?
    • What type of coaching support do I need?
  • Making money but you don’t see it
  • Struggling to keep up with the demand for your work
    • Having to close inquiries because of too many request and no process for scheduling them out for future dates
  • Consistently making around $5K+ 
    • Has good launches but at times there are low periods where there are gaps in income
  • Systems are crappy or non existent
  • Not profitable and offers aren’t priced in a way for me to work smarter and not harder
    • Price is too low so they have to do twice as much work
  • No longer need courses and templates 
    • Need to own what you already know 
  • Client onboarding process needs to be streamlined 
  • Focus on user experience

Let’s talk about where you wanna be:

  1. Consistent $7K+ months
    1. Even 5 figure months or more
  2. Solid boundaries for how to work with me (client/biz owner relationship)
  3. To see my business in a more big picture way – be the visionary instead of in the weeds
  4. To not have to always do the work and to work with more people so I can get my time back
  5. Full time in my business

Next steps for you:

  • Choose 3 mentors and stick to implementing one strategy at a time
  • Honor where you are
    • Celebrate your wins and success
    • Recognize times you need to rest – you can rest in the midst of scaling
  • Solid exit strategy from job
  • Write out your customer journey and product suite
    • How are you moving customers and giving them continued ways to work with you long term
    • Furthermore are your offers aligned with where you see your business in the next year, 3 years, and 10 years?
  • Yearly and quarterly planning so you can start delegating to a team
  • Hire contractors to support you (do this sooner than later – the ROI is always worth it)
  • Brand your signature framework
    • Teach your signature framework and raise awareness on you and your brand via content
    • What is your core central message
    • How are you shifting the reality of your clients
    • What can people get from you that they wont get anywhere else

Quantum Leap CEO Win

One of my Quantum Leap CEOs has been in business for about a year and when she first came to me she was charging less than $500 for social media management for a month. She found herself at max capacity with not very high paying clients so she had to close her business to new clients – dream clients.

After working with me she found her groove and was able to create backend systems so she could actually follow up with and sign higher paying leads. She has a waitlist of clients and is actually fully booked out with her top package.

This is all because as she has been in this stage of scaling we have been really intentionally about getting her back end in order and creating structure for her to hire team so she isn’t doing all the things by herself. Now she’s launching a membership so she can show up and serve her social media audience some more and we are working out the process for how all that works for her!

She still has those days where things feel overwhelming but knowing that she has access to the group coaching calls keeps her cup full and we are able to problem solve through different things that come up for her


I want to invite you to join me in a lifetime of commitment to growing alongside you in your business. I know exactly where you are and where you want to be and I’m committed to empowering you to step into your role as a CEO and create a business that supports the life you want. 

The BecomingCEO Society is my Lifetime Group Coaching Experience that I would be honored to have you inside of. Inside you’ll have access to monthly trainings, bi-weekly group coaching, and so many bonuses in terms of content that will help you grow.

But honestly the Society is more than this. It is a community of powerful women who are determined to create businesses that don’t feel like a struggle. It’s where you can get support mentally, spiritually, and with your business. The Society is where you find your community. 

Join the BecomingCEO Society!

I want to let you know that the BecomingCEO Society is officially open for new members! The Society is a Lifetime Group Coaching Experience. Inside you will find a strong community of women that you will feel fully supported in. In this space you will always have a coach cheering you on and helping you through the ups and downs of becoming a CEO. There are a ton of courses, workshops, modules, trainings, and materials for you to learn the things your need to support you in business. You will find your sisterhood here. Apply here: www.mrskayh.com/bceosociety to grab your spot!


In this episode we are talking about the Quantum Leap CEO. As a Quantum Leap CEO you are in a season of scaling, confidence, and embodiment. Listen close as I dive into:

  • What you’re experiencing and feeling in this season
  • Where you want to be and what goals to set in this season
  • My advice and tangible next steps for you in this season



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