135. The power of collaborations for visibility

The power of collaborations for visibility

Hey boo! Today I want to talk all about the power of collaborations for visibility. Collaborations can be so powerful for your business and can be used in different ways. Collaborations can be in the form of social media lives, podcast interviews, YouTube videos, blogs, speaking events. Basically, any way that you can get in front of a different (preferably complimentary) audience and bring value, that’s a collaboration. Sometimes we don’t feel like making content or we are too busy to make content so collaborations are helpful in that sense.

Visibility is so important as a business owner. You need to bring brand awareness and have more people seeing your content in order to make sales. Collaborations allow you to get that brand awareness and get in front of more people to potentially make a sale or at least shorten the customer journey to a sale.

I have 3 tips for you today to help you leverage collaborations for more visibilty:

Make sure that the people you collaborate with actually have your ideal client in there.

Make sure you ideal client is in their audience. A lot of times we look at the number of followers someone has rather than if our ideal client is part of their audience (way more important). For example, if you target established business owners, you wouldn’t want to collaborate with someone who has an audience full of beginners. Make sure your ideal client is there and this is great when you are collaborating with someone who has a complimentary service to yours.

When you are collaborating, you need to come up with the ideas.

It is not the responsibility of the person you want to collaborate with to come up with the idea. You don’t have to have every detail mapped out but you should be able to have that idea and plan going. Being the one who comes up with the collaborations allows others to say “yes” easier and allows you to position yourself as the expert in your field so what you want to say is best reflected. Be sure that you are positing yourself in a good light but that the collaboration is also beneficial to that person you are collaborating with. 

Lead people to something.

At the end of the collaboration, you should always have a call to action. This doesn’t have to be your offers or services, but maybe a free opt-in, leading them to your email list, or leading people back to your social media. Be sure you are also weaving in ways to promote yourself or ways to talk about your offers during the collaboration without giving people a whole sales pitch, too!

So there you go, there are three tips that will help you when you are collaborating with others. Be sure to tune in to hear it all!



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