125. The Aligned CEO - Seasons of Entrepreneurship

The Aligned CEO – Seasons of Entrepreneurship


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Grab your notebook because this is going to be JUICY!  


I love starting things off with a definition so I want to define what purposeful means.

Align: come together in agreement or alliance


As an Aligned CEO you are in a season of embodiment, abundance, and harmony between life and business.

This is the season where you’re going to find yourself mentally stretched! You’re feeling the pull to create more space for freedom and harmony between your life and business.

You’ve made good money, you know how to grow, but you wanna get out of the game and let your money make itself. You’re not really tryna hustle right now but you still want to grow. You’re ready to work smarter, not harder.

You’re probably feeling so many different emotions in this season:

  • Accomplished in your goals
    • Gratitude for what your business has allowed you to do 
  • “I should have it all together”
  • Exhausted and looking to maintain and grow their business without having to be in hustle mode
  • Seeking more life balance
    • Want more time with my kids or to travel
  • Need support with navigating being the breadwinner and making a significant amount of money
  • Fear that “new” people are going to catch up and steal my clients
    • Anxious and FOMO when you see other people trying new things and doing new things – this is a time to remind yourself to “do you” when it comes to your business
  • Investing 
    • Tip – invest in people that can support you holistically or can solve a very specific problem
  • Fear around investing in team members that don’t deliver and need support and encouragement in this
  • Consistent income – $8K+; making the six figures and want to grow
  • You have a solid product suite 
  • Clarity in your launch plans, marketing, lead generation, and sales strategies
  • Confident in how you make money and how to make more but not sure how you can get out of the day to day weeds 
  • Not wanting to let go of control. You know they need to outsource but you just can’t let it go

Let’s talk about where you wanna be:

  1. Work less
  2. Team with initiative
    • Have committed team members (maybe employees v contractors) that can execute tasks without me having to micromanage 
  3. Solid process and funnels
  4. Growing more in income without having to sacrifice you time

Next steps for you:

  • Choose 3 mentors and stick to implementing one strategy at a time
  • Express daily gratitude
    • Towards you team
    • Towards your business
    • Tune into your feelings and recognize what feels like a full body yes for your company 
  • Delegating anything that doesn’t require your presence 
    • Only doing tasks in your zone of genius that only YOU can do
  • Future business planning (what do you want the business/products/team) to look like in the next 1 year, 3 yr, 5yrs.
  • Rest frequently – have a schedule that allows room for rest
    • This also goes with pulling back your hours
  • Assess your business growth
  • Invest in leadership development
  • Invest in mindset coaching, therapy, or a coach that can hold space for feelings and emotion intelligence and regulation

Aligned CEO Win

One of my Aligned CEOs has been a photographer for 10 years. She’s a mama of two and finds herself working dang near all day.

Sis literally was working while watching tv with her husband. That was date night for them.

It took some time and letting go but we realized that she was spending an insane amount of time editing and because she’s always fully booked she also found herself behind on delivering. YIKES!

So what did we do? We came up with a plan for her to outsource more of her editing. Was it scary for her? Heck yes, it meant giving up control of a huge part of her business because she’s always been in charge of the final product – but when she released it she was able to support another business owner while also getting her time back so she can enjoy date night, get more rest, spend time with her kids, and have happy clients that weren’t waiting on their images.


I want to invite you to join me in a lifetime of commitment to growing alongside you in your business. I know exactly where you are and where you want to be and I’m committed to empowering you to step into your role as a CEO and create a business that supports the life you want. 

The BecomingCEO Society is my Lifetime Group Coaching Experience that I would be honored to have you inside of. Inside you’ll have access to monthly trainings, bi-weekly group coaching, and so many bonuses in terms of content that will help you grow.

But honestly the Society is more than this. It is a community of powerful women who are determined to create businesses that don’t feel like a struggle. It’s where you can get support mentally, spiritually, and with your business. The Society is where you find your community. 

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I want to let you know that the BecomingCEO Society is officially open for new members! The Society is a Lifetime Group Coaching Experience. Inside you will find a strong community of women that you will feel fully supported in. In this space you will always have a coach cheering you on and helping you through the ups and downs of becoming a CEO. There are a ton of courses, workshops, modules, trainings, and materials for you to learn the things your need to support you in business. You will find your sisterhood here. Apply here: www.mrskayh.com/bceosociety to grab your spot!


In this episode we are talking about the Aligned CEO. As an Aligned CEO you are in a season of embodiment, abundance, and harmony between life and business. Listen close as I dive into:

  • What you’re experiencing and feeling in this season
  • Where you want to be and what goals to set in this season
  • My advice and tangible next steps for you in this season



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