Stop hating on people and focus on your blessings

I was going to make this a bonus episode but it got long so here it goes!

I went on a tangent about being a hater because EYE have experienced it and I know others have too.

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This episode is to encourage you and challenge you to shift your perspective and to STOP HATING.

If you feel hit, I’m probably talking to you. I’d love to talk more about this so feel free to message me on the gram! 

How to stop being a hater and focus on yourself

  1. Have a heart of gratitude. When you feel yourself hating reflect on and proclaim the things you are grateful for
  2. Unfollowing/mute 
  3. Keep a running list of your wins
  4. Keep a running list of client wins and transformations
  5. Ask yourself, why you feel hit or why you feel negatively about this persons win or situation. Is it because you’re not doing what you should be doing? Are you experience imposter syndrome. Do you feel like they dont deserve it? (If its the later how do you know? Do you know this persons life enough to judge whether or not they deserve it?

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