September 2018 Goals Recap

Welp… September was pretty tragic. I got quite a bit done but a lot of other stuff… nah fam.


So I am just going to run through the check list and explain when I feel like it! All the goals I achieved will be in bold!


September Goals:


  • $2500 total in my business(es)


      • I dominated my money goals this month! I even had a $1K week (read about it here)


  • Be “off” on one weekend night


  • Wake Up at 7am (Monday-Friday)
    • Chileeee idk why this is even a goal lol
  • Exercise 2x/week
    • Smh tragic



      • Bruhhhhh! I blogged 5 times/week like a BOSS! Read about it here!


  • Book 4 Portrait Clients (book your session here)


  • Host an event for She’s a Creative
    • I sorta forgot and was mostly too busy to do this but I have something planned for October!
  • Add 2 social media management or coaching clients with The Social Savvy Co
    • I added one!
  • Plan a Fall Themed Photoshoot
  • Take Pictures Every Single Day
    • Definitely didn’t happen but I got new equipment and learned more!


  • Have 2K Listens on Podcast


      • We are up to 2500 now!
  • Have 15 Podcast Reviews
    • So close!! Go leave a review! (leave a review here)
  • Attend 4 networking/events
    • I only attended one because I got tired and burned out from daily blogging
  • Go on a mini vacation
    • I didn’t do this because I really focused on my work! I did make sure to be off almost every night by 8 which is a big WIN!


  • Share my mental health journey more



September definitely didn’t go as planned but it’s all good because I rested more and honored myself more. Now I’m catching up because I am a bit behind but I am getting back to bulk creation to make my life easier!


How did September treat you?

xoxox Kay

xoxo, Kay

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