Power of Your Thoughts as a Mompreneur

When you have your first child (or already have several children) you start to see things differently. Your priorities are DIFFERENT! Lately, I have been on a journey of self discovery and purpose.

When you first start running your business you will be burning the candle at both ends. Doing a million and one things to get $100. BUT in order to get out of this rat race you have to get control of your thoughts!

Especially your limiting beliefs: 

“The market is saturated”

“I dont have enough money”

“I dont have enough clients”

“I dont have enough time” 

Here’s what happens when you have a thought….

You think it…

You believe it….

Then you ACT in response to your beliefs.


The things you think you manifest

For example, if you think to yourself “the market is saturated”, you will start to believe the market is saturated because you’ll start seeing a bunch of people selling products and services similar to yours. Then you will take action in response to this belief.

Now here’s where you get messed up…

Because you believe the market is saturated: you get discouraged and you just stop! You stop working, you stop promoting and then you stop getting sales….

So now, you are blaming a lack of sales on the market being saturated.

But you literally made all of that up in your own mind and then it manifested itself because thats what you focused on.

What if instead, you told yourself:

A saturated market means there is an abundance of clients and customers that I could be marketing to and getting as my clients and customers?

If you start thinking that way then you will start believing that every single person you encounter on the internet is there for you to impact and change their life or for you to solve their problem with a solution that only YOU have…. And you will act like it!

Your response will be constantly promoting and showing up because you know that a piece of the pie IS YOURS! 

I’m going to be diving deeper into this mindset stuff in my masterclass: How to gain steady clients and customers! 

If you want to join go to: bit.ly/gainsteadyclientsmasterclass

In this class we are going to cover:

  • The 1 thing that’s holding you back from having consistent clients
  • Why your content is not converting into sales (and how to fix this)
  • How to market yourself without paying for ads (and why this should be your FIRST option)
  • How to use social media and your email list to generate consistent sales

to join go to: bit.ly/gainsteadyclientsmasterclass

Your thoughts hold so much power in your business. It’s important that we are constantly speaking life and positivity into our businesses, because every negative thing you say or think about your business will manifest itself. Think positive and manifest positivity.

xoxo, Kay

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