October 2018 Goals Recap

October came and went before I could blink my eyes!


This month has been insanely busy and full of tiny blessings!


The first thing I want to mention before I jump into my goals is that this month I made $4000!




I want to encourage each and every one of you to keep pushing towards your goals! If you want to know the details of my income this month comment below and I’ll write a blog post breaking it all down!


Here’s how October went (goals I achieved are in BOLD):


October Goals:


  • $3000 total in my business(es) ($500 more than last month)


      • Heck freaking yes! I ended up making $4K!


  • Be “off” on one night/week


      • This ended up being easier than I expected!
    • Wake Up by 7am (Monday-Friday)
      • Don’t even know why I keep making this a thing lol


  • Exercise 3x/week


      • I joined a barre pilates studio and it has made this sooo easy! I also purchased a waist trainer! Not sure if it will help but I’m trying it out!
    • Post weekly blog posts on She’s a Creative
      • This is something I decided to remove from my business! Instead I am going to post all blog posts right here on mrskayh.com!



    • Post on article on The Social Savvy Co (social media management agency)
      • This is also something I decided to remove from my business!
    • 3 Blog posts/week on Mrs.KayH Lifestyle of a Creative
      • The last week of this month I got really busy with photography and I had to put the blog posts on the back burner! I am currently working on a better strategy so that I am able to keep up with the blog because I love to write!
    • Book 6 Portrait Clients (2 more than last month)
      • I missed this by one client because I failed to follow up! I’ll probably write a blog post about this one!


  • Work on workflows for my businesses


      • Slowly but surely getting this done! Just purchased Honeybook as my client management system!
    • Host an event for She’s a Creative  
      • This is something that I am putting on PAUSE until the new year!



      • I am counting this as completed even though I only gained one new client. I am marking this as achieved because I was able to substantially upsell a current client of mine!
    • Grow She’s a Creative Facebook group to 500 members
      • I’ve been slipping but I’m going to start really working with my ladies to help them out!


  • Have 3K Listens on Podcast


    • BEASTED this goal! I actually have 3500 listens!
  • Have 15 Podcast Reviews
    • iTunes doesn’t make it easy to do this so I’m going to have to figure out a better way to get these!
  • Start Cereal Chats on She’s a Creative (have at least 2)
    • I was slipping. It’s my fault this didnt happen!


So one thing I realized this month is that I am stretching myself too thin so there were several things I completely cut out of my businesses and there is STILL MORE I’m getting rid of!


I am also working on setting goals that don’t stress me out and also to have LESS goals! I’m hoping that in November I can get it down to FIVE goals that I am focusing on! We will see! lol


How was your October? Leave them in the comments below!

xoxo, Kay

10 thoughts on “October 2018 Goals Recap”

  1. You’re amazing! It’s so comforting to know that even a boss like you may overextend herself and need to reassess. I’m so glad that you’re able to be so transparent with your readers.

    As Stacey said, you are goals!! ✨

    — ki’ara | kiarashanice.com

    1. Ahhh that just encouraged me so much! Thanks so much! And yes! As much as I wanted to be Super Boss Babe and do everything, I am very mindful to reassess every month to make sure I am not “doing the MOST most lol”

  2. So because of you I am doing much better with writing down my weekly and monthly goals!!! It has been so helpful!! And it helps to know you have to readjust your planning because I sure was feeling like a failure 😂😂😭 Keep up the helpful tips!

    1. Ahhhhh I love hearing this! I hope you are doing well with your goals and yes girl! I constantly adjust my goals! This month I’ve been slipping but I always adjust!

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