Why no one is buying your services (Part 1)

Today I wanted to talk about why no one is buying your services. This is going to be episode 1 of 3 on this topic. 

You offer a service and you post about it on social media and then no one is buying. What happened? Well, today I want to address the first 5 reasons no one is buying your services. 

1. They are not your ideal client.

Just because someone is in your email list or on your Instagram doesn’t mean they are your ideal client. These people simply do not need what you have to offer if they are not your ideal client. If you find you are not selling your services, take a step back and ask your audience what they need. It’s very important to make sure you are getting in front of your ideal client.

2. You haven’t sold the value of your service.

You want to focus on the benefits that clients will get from working with you – not the features. Your focus and messaging shift when you focus on the benefits that your clients will receive from working with you.

3. Your product isn’t as good as you think (this one may sound harsh but tune in to hear what I mean about it).

Sometimes we have great ideas but they aren’t conveyed in our messaging. It’s also important to have quality service and it needs to be unique and what people need. 

There are other times that we may not realize but we have given others bad quality and then those clients talk with potential clients so always be sure that you uphold your integrity and provide quality work to others. Be sure you are clear on who your offer is for so that others understand before they buy.

4. You don’t have a unique-enough selling point.

What is the one take-home thing someone gets from hiring you? Sit down and write it out. What is the unique thing that helps them buy your services.

5. You haven’t built trust.

It takes time to build trust. People have to trust that you will deliver on your promise. Sometimes we go in for the sale too early and we haven’t built enough credibility yet. Build that credibility and trust before asking others to buy!

These are the first 5 reasons why no one is buying your services. Tune in to hear the full explanation of all of these reasons and tips on each one!


  • 5 reasons no one is buying your services



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