Newborn Essentials 2020 | Newborn Must-Haves

As a first time mom, I received a ton of advice on what items I would need for a newborn baby. Here are my newborn essentials and things I use DAILY (or at least multiple times a week.

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Newborn Essentials 2020 | Newborn Must Haves | Practical Products I Actually Use

Baby King is alll over me in this video (comment below all the crazy stuff he does in this video)! In this video II’ll be sharing my newborn essentials/newborn must haves. All the products I use will be linked below. I hope you find this helpful!

Newborn Essentials Video on Youtube


When it comes to newborn essentials: swaddles and blankets are definitely NUMBER 1! Everything else on the list is in no specific order!

For the first month after King was born, he would rarely sleep without being swaddled.

We ended up running out of swaddles with clasps so we would use blankets! Anything, to get him to be comfortable and sleep


Burp cloths/bibs

King constantly spits up when he burps and his dad always lets milk dribble down his chin when bottle feeding him. Burp cloths and bibs have been invaluable!


I can’t believe it took us 3 weeks to get the swing set up! Once we did, it was the one place we could put King so we could get things done.

The swing has also been great for rocking him to sleep and keeping him occupied and content! I highly recommend prioritizing a swing for your little one!

Baby Bouncer

We use this interchangeably with the swing. However, the swing gets more use so if you have to get one or the other, I recommend the swing.

Baby monitor

At first I wasn’t going to get a baby monitor but I’m so glad someone gifted me one!

As a new mom, I struggle with anxiety when I leave King in a room by himself to go to the bathroom.

Thank goodness for the baby monitor because I now feel more comfortable doing small tasks and still being able to see (and hear) King no matter where I am in the house.


There are many times where I need to be hands free but little King still wants to be held.

Having a baby carrier has been a refreshing middle ground! At first I was holding him 24/7 (at least that’s what it felt like) but now, I still hold him a lot but at least I’m hands free and can get things done!

Boppy Pillow

While I know many mamas use the boppy for breastfeeding support, I use mine to support my little one’s head when he’s laying down. I also use it for tummy time!

Tub + Shampoo

I got a really basic tub and I use Burts Bees shampoo/soap to bathe King! You honestly don’t have to buy a tub because you can bathe your little on in the sink or in your tub.

I was a bit too nervous to bathe my little one in the tub or sink, but if you feel confident in doing so, you can skip buying a tub!

Cloth Diapers + Wipes

I chose to cloth diaper and I couldn’t be more excited about my journey and pleased with how things have gone so far! It’s been very easy to do! If you’re interested here are my two favorite brands: ALVA and MAMA KOALA.

I also use Pampers at night (because I got a ton of them at my baby shower).

Butt Paste

I have been VERY proactive in making sure King doesn’t get diaper rash. This diaper cream is great for babies skin and safe for use on cloth diapers.

Diaper Container

I use this container to store my diapers. I would prefer a rolling diaper caddy but this works just fine!

Diaper Pail

We use our diaper pail for cloth diapering, but when we first had King we were using disposable diapers and also used this pail as a place to hold his diapers.

Using a diaper pail, keeps your home from smelling like dirty diapers!

Lots of Onesies

I have tonssss of onesies and still feel like I don’t have enough! There’s always a reason to change King out of his onesie!

Not to mention, they are super cute on your little one!

Nose Aspirator 

I know many people use the Nose Frida; however, the one I have is a simple aspirator that we got from the hospital!

The nose aspirator is definitely a necessity because from day 1 we noticed King had a lot of boogers and in the morning he is often a little congested.

We also use it when he spits up and there is still some left in his mouth.

Nail file/clippers

Baby nails are SHARP! It took me a month to realize that his nails were growing so fast and that he was scratching not only himself but me during nursing.

I try to file his nails every 3 days to make sure he doesn’t scratch himself!

Breast Pump

If you plan to breastfeed, a pump is going to be super important when you are ready to share feeding with a partner or caregiver.

Check to see if you can get a breast pump for free/discount with your insurance! We got ours for free thanks to our insurance.

Hakaa + Nipple Cream

The Hakaa is a lifesaver in the beginning of breastfeeding. I use this to catch the milk that leaks while I’m breastfeeding and to hand express breast milk when I’m engorged! LIFE SAVER!

I also use nipple cream EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It keeps my skin moisturized and keeps my nipples from cracking! My two favorite brands are Mama Earth (organic) and Lansinoh!

Nursing Bra

I learned the hard way that you shouldn’t wear a bra with underwire. Even though nursing bra’s don’t provide much support, they are GREAT for ease of breastfeeding!

Laundry Detergent

For whatever reason, when I first started purchasing things to prepare for King, laundry detergent never crossed my mind. Seriously, I wash clothes every single day! So here’s your reminder to bulk up on detergent!

Here are a few things I wish I had (but they aren’t essentials)

Noise Machine (I currently use YouTube on my phone or the swing)

Pumping bra (apparently you can cut slits into a sports bra and use it)

Some sort of cream for cradle cap (besides vaseline)

Honorary Mention Items

The items I mention next are my newborn essentials because I use them daily but you can wait to purchase these (or choose not to get them at all).


I am absolutely obsessed with the Owlet! The Owlet is a sock that monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. When the sock detects that your baby’s heart rate or oxygen level has dropped or increased more than normal, you are alerted.

This has been so good for my anxiety! It helps me relax about his breathing because I know the sock is monitoring him. Of course it’s not fool proof and I don’t solely rely on it, but it definitely gives me peace of mind!

The dome

King loves to sleep in this and it’s the perfect spot to let him hang out in and do tummy time in!

Playtime gym

We also use this for tummy time and to do activities with him!


These are my top 25 ultimate NEWBORN ESSENTIALS!

I hope this list was helpful to you new mamas out there looking for some help deciding which items you actually need.

xoxo, Kay

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