My Ultimate Money Goal (at the moment)

Today I want to chat about my finances.

I am a fairly frugal person, but I have quite a bit of debt thanks to not knowing any better in college.

Now I am paying for those financial mistakes!

Anyway, as far as my finances are concerned I am happy to be able to support myself (and family) with my 4 businesses!

I am no longer using credit cards to purchase things and I am finally able to (consider) getting out of debt.

At the beginning of 2018, I had a debt plan but now in September, I’m over it.

This may seem a bit naive or crazy but I am not FOCUSING on getting rid of my debt. I AM slowly chunking away at my debt but I’m not going by my insane debt plan that I created in January.

Which leads me to my ultimate money goal.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I work quite a bit and talk a lot about hitting my money goals.

Realistically, my ultimate money goal is to make six figures $100K in my businesses combined.

If I could do this I would be genuinely happy with my life and businesses.

So, unlike most entrepreneurs who want to make millions, as of this moment I am perfectly happy making $100K and having the flexibility to be home with my (future) kids.

In the future this may change but for right now, that’s what I want.

Stay tuned… $100K coming soon!

What’s your immediate yearly money goal?

xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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