My Myers Briggs Results – Personality Test

Something I have been interested in lately is personality types so I decided to do a personality test!


I used 16personalities to take the Myers Briggs test! This platform is so easy to use and offers resources to help you learn even more about yourself. I really enjoy how easy their site is and how they constantly give you more information about your personality type as well as the personalities of others. It’s amazing how accurate their information is! I found myself thinking they were talking directly to me in my results! 


My result:


“The Defender” ISFJ-A  


The accuracy of my results is scary and I highly recommend everyone take this test!


I am:


64% Introverted (I)

72% Observant (S)

63% Feeling (F)

83% Judging (J)

64% Assertive


My strategy is: confident individualism.


One part of my report I really liked was:


…. Defenders have excellent analytical abilities; though reserved, they have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and though they are generally a conservative type, Defenders are often receptive to change and new ideas.


I feel like that sums me up perfectly and is in line with me being a “social introvert.”


My report was pages long and went through aspects of relationships, careers, friendships, and parenting style.


If you want to gain a deeper understanding of who you are as a person I highly recommend this test! I also had my husband take it and his results compliment mine perfectly! In some areas we have overlap while in others we perfectly compliment each other and that was exciting to see!


Have you taken a personality test? If so, what are your results?


xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

2 thoughts on “My Myers Briggs Results – Personality Test”

  1. I have taken it a few times. It never changes.

    I am an ENFP.


    It says “ENFPs are fiercely independent, and much more than stability and security, they crave creativity and freedom.” I have to admit that it is VERY true.

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