My Dream Work Day

Today I decided to keep it fun since I’m traveling and I am writing this in my notes on my iPhone!


Here’s what my Dream Work Day would look like (I’m actually closer to this being a reality than I thought):

  1. Wake up at 11am and eat 4 bowls of cereal without being afraid of gaining weight.
  2. Do yoga for 30-45 minutes at a studio with a bunch of women that I’m friends with.
  3. Grab a smoothie.
  4. Shower and get ready for my day.
  5. Conference call with my team or individual team members.
  6. Create/work for 3 hours (unless it was a photography day – that would be an early day for me)
  7. Eat dinner with hubby
  8. Netflix and Chill with hubby 😏


Ultimately I want to have a team where I can work 3-5 hours a day and be profitable. If I could work 25-30 hours a week that would be a dream week and I would love to start taking a one-month sabbatical or vacation every year.

I really just want a relaxed life. Since prayerfully I will have kids, I want my work-life to be very streamlined to allow me to fully enjoy my little ones.


What does your dream work day look like?


xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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