Mindset shifts to scale your biz to six figures with Ashley Fillmore

Meet my Boo Ashleyyyyyyyy! We are mastermind besties and I’m super excited to have her as a friend and mastermind community member.

Ashley is a fitness coach who got her start after experiencing a lot of childhood adversity (passing of her mother and lived in poverty) and built up here business to multiple six figures.

Ashley knew she wanted to help people to improve their health. She wants to help people not have to live the life her mom lived. 

She worked for someone else for 8 years, which was a great experience but she didn’t want to be controlled in terms of time and money. She wanted freedom.

Then she found herself demoted at 12 weeks pregnant with her first child.

This is what pushed her to start her biz.

Quotes to listen for:

  • Chose comfort over discomfort.
  • There is no back up plan. I don’t need a backup plan. There will be no plan b. You are going to be successful.
  • I spent 10k in business coaching and attended a mastermind event with a breast pump
  • This is my dream. This is my passion. There’s no back up plan. I’m ready to go all in. 
  • There’s no better time than now. 
  • Investing at that level made me level up and allowed me to shine through 
  • I’ve earned every bit of multiple 6 figures
  • Show up, take messy action, be authentic

In this convo Ashley and I touch on the importance of community and investing in people who truly get it and want to support you.

Mindset shifts to listen for:

-perfection trap: let go of having to be perfect (perfect pics)

-give myself grace to show up as I am

-I’m not going to stop being myself to make others happy. I’m going to talk about what I believe in and everyone won’t resonate and thats fine (no longer being a people pleaser)

-grateful for all the blessings I have (grateful for my story and struggles and allowed me to appreciate money more)

Final thoughts:

Don’t judge a book by its cover. You dont need all the followers to have a business (I proved it to myself). Having a lot of followers doesn’t equal money.

Ashley laid it on us with this one! Enjoy!

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xoxo, Kay

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