Practical Tips on How to Work from Home with a Baby

As a first time mom, it has been a challenge trying to figure out how to work from home with a baby.

The constant interruptions and pure exhaustion has made it seem nearly impossible to continue running my businesses (the way they need to be).

BUT! I have finally learned a few things and quickly adapted as a mama to an almost 3-month old!

Here’s what’s working for me and my tips to help you succeed at working from home with a baby.

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Get dressed

Listen! I get it! Getting dressed is the last thing us mama’s care about! It’s especially tough as a breastfeeding mama (who wants to fuss with clothing at EVERY feeding)?

Honestly my rationale for the first month of mommy-hood was “why wear nice clothes when the baby is going to throw up on them?”

Solid logic, but truth be told getting dressed and popping on a little lipstick helps me get back into the swing of a daily routine.

I still don’t put on super cute clothes but it’s better than rolling out of bed in random too small pj’s.

The main thing getting dressed has done is BOOST my confidence! I feel so beautiful and confident when I wear “normal clothes.” As a new mom, it’s hard to feel normal and like yourself but getting dressed each day has allowed me to tap back into my inner BOSS BABE which has been the first step to me successfully working from home with a baby!

Have a designated work space 

Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash

It’s so easy to work from bed (or any other random spot you can pull out your laptop) but having a designated work space has helped me compartmentalize my space.

I converted our sunroom into an offie space and it’s the perfect place to inspire me to work.

I love having a separate space because I am able to enjoy the rest of my home and not associate it with work.

To be honest, as mompreneurs, it’s so easy to work at all times of the day so by having a dedicated space it helps me turn on and off my work time.

Create a running to do list

This isn’t your daily to do list!

In the notes app on my iphone I have created a running to do list of ALL the things I need to do.

Mommy-brain is REAL! If I don’t write it down, it won’t get done – that’s where the running to do list comes in handy.

Essentially this is where I brain dump everything I need to do but I DO NOT obsess over it!

This list gives me context of what needs to be done and assurance that I won’t forget anything but at the end of the day, I DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT because everything will get done in its own time!

** please do not stress about your to do list. There will always be something to do, but the most important thing in your life is to spend time with your family. That’s what matters, the rest will eventually get done.

The one thing you need to do each day….

My husband recently suggested that I read The One Thing, and it has literally changed my mommy life!

This book helped me understand that I only need to focus on ONE thing that needs to be done each day to be productive.

The whole point of the book is based around this question:

What is the ONE thing you can do each day that makes everything else irrelevant or easier?

The One Thing – Gary Keller

When I tell you this has been the most profound thing in my business and life as a mom!

I no longer worry about creating a to do list each day. To be honest, I would create long to do lists and get NOTHING done – this would leave me super discouraged.

Now, I look at my running list and I ask myself:

What is the ONE thing I can do today, to make this list look less exhausting and move the needle one step forward in my business?

You can also listen to this book on Youtube! (That’s how I got through it! Us mama’s don’t quite have time to sit and read uninterrupted!)

Keep your baby’s love tank full

I quickly learned that it’s impossible to multi-task with a baby, but honestly, I don’t want to!

I have learned to give King my UNDIVIDED attention when I am tending to him. No trying to sneak and do work or anything!

This keeps him happy and his love tank full! When he is happy, he gives me the space I need to work when the time comes!

I usually will dance with him, tickle him, cuddle, or read to him until it is time for him to take a nap. He’s happy and also sleeping so I can get work done without compromising my time with him.


Do simple tasks (from your phone) while nursing

I know, I know!

I said that I give him my “undivided attention,” but honestly breastfeeding lasts maybe 10-15 minutes. By the time its over he’s milk wasted and ready to be put down for a nap, so I will use nursing time to send emails, scroll social media, or catch up on podcasts and courses that I’m in.

This gets me ready to sink into more work once I put him down for his nap. Speaking of naps…

Maximize naptime

Whether King sleeps for 10 minutes or 3 hours – I make the best use of my time during nap time.

If your little one is on a schedule you can really maximize this time!

Right now, King isn’t on a schedule but I do know when he takes his long naps vs his short ones.

During short naps I’ll stick to simple admin tasks (email, sending proposals, etc) and during long naps I work on my ONE thing!

Stay up an hour (or 2) later or wake up early

I’m a night owl and thankfully my little one is a good sleeper!

It may be tough at first but if you really need to get some work done, this is a great way to have focused time to work on your business.

During this time you should only be working on your ONE thing and then get some rest! We have to keep our energy up for our little ones so take care of yourself and try not to run yourself into the ground with this tip. #guilty

Expect interruptions and be flexible 

Mindset is key as a mompreneur! Expect to be interrupted.

Even if you have your little one on a schedule, they may wake up from a nap earlier than expected.

You may need to feed (#clusterfeeding) or change a diaper. There will be SO MANY INTERRUPTIONS – all of which I have finally come to embrace!

It took me nearly 5 weeks to come to terms with interruptions and become flexible!

It may be frustrating in the beginning but remind yourself that your little one needs you and the reason you’re a mompreneur in the first place is because you want the flexibility to be with your kids when they need you!

Trade off with a spouse, sibling, or hire a nanny/daycare for a few hours each week 

I’m so grateful for my husband! He has been so helpful and supportive of me as a mom and entrepreneur!

Everyday, I give him my two hour time block for him to watch King while I work – UNINTERRUPTED!

Once he goes back to work I will likely take King to daycare for a few hours each week or hire a sitter if we can’t get our parents to help.

Please mama – ASK FOR HELP!

It is so easy to feel like you have to do everything for your little one and your business by yourself but you need to utilize your tribe.

In case no one told you this:

You are a good mom, even when you are asking for help!

Kay Hillman

Asking for help is not a weakness. Use your voice and get help when you need it.

Baby wear or use a bouncer

My least favorite tip but it’s something I do when I DESPERATELY need to work and have NO OTHER OPTIONS!

I love baby wearing with the Kea Babies wrap, but I do not like working and tending to King at the same time!

It’s incredibly difficult and honestly not worth the effort; however, there have been times when I’m on a strict deadline and I have to work with him. In those times, I either put him in the bouncer or wear him so I can quickly get work done!

See more of my newborn essentials in this blog post here!

Outline your processes + Batch tasks

One thing that has transformed my business as a mompreneur is using Asana as a productivity tool to help me plan out my content and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

I use asana to plan out my content, follow ups, and pretty much every aspect of my business.

Then I use the templates and outlines I have created to batch similar tasks together!

This has made the time I spend working on my business 100x more productive than ever!

Us mama’s have a finite amount of time and using Asana has helped me maximize the time that I have!

Working from home with a baby has been difficult but I’m finally getting into a groove!

I hope sharing my work from home routine as a business owner as well as giving tips for working from home with a baby has helped you.

What are your tips for being a working-at-home mom? What’s your “routine” looking like?


xoxo, Kay

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