How to sell out your offers | Mistakes you may be making that’s stopping you from selling out your offers

Today’s episode is replay from a live I did recently! #repurposingcontent 

I did a live talking about a few things that could be stopping you from having sold out offers. I get straight to the point during my live trainings so listen close and grab these gems on how you can up-level and sell out your offers! 

Excuse the audio – I may or may not have used my mic!  

Mistakes you may be making that’s stopping you from selling out your offers

1. Not spending time nurturing especially if you have a smaller audience.

2. Posting without having a solid lead generation strategy. 

3. Creating in a vacuum and expecting ppl to purchase just because you have something to offer doesn’t make sense.

Here’s the thing…

Nurturing and conversations is the way of sales.

Theres a reason why stores run commercials and have representatives and associates to answer your questions. Its because people need to be nurtured and to have conversations/get their questions answered before they buy.

Yes there’s other ways to do it but when your primary marketing strategy is social media – specifically Instagram you’ll sell out when you lead with value, nurture ppl, and have conversations.

No one wakes up making $10K month or having sold out offers. 

Here’s an exercise for ya:

For the next two weeks focus on building relationships. Challenge yourself to just be a human being and talk to as many ppl as possible.

I find that watching IG stories is the easiest way to connect.

Hope this helps! 🙂  

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xoxo, Kay

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