How to plan for the New Year (2022)

Can you believe this year is almost over, boo?! That seriously flew by! The end of the year means a lot of things but as a CEO, it means planning for the next year. Today I want to share a few key things that I do when planning out my new year. I’m going to share exactly how I break it down so that you can also be prepared for 2022. 

Planning out my new year is a 3 day process. I really deep dive into what happened this year while being really intentional on planning for the upcoming year.

Day 1: The first thing I do is start with a review of the current year.

I review all of my goals and everything from 2021, sit down and review the previous year and ask myself a lot of questions. I usually try to do this the last week of the year because I’ll have my December numbers. When looking at my goals, I’ll ask myself – “What did I achieve, what went well, what needs improvement, what will I continue doing? what am I going to stop doing?”. I try to be objective but also try to really pray and be intentional.

The next thing I look at is my revenue goals.

I look at my finances to see if I hit my revenue goal. I look at if I hit my revenue goal for the whole year and then did I hit my revenue goal for each month? Looking at it by month helps you if you plan a launch trying to line it up with best selling seasons. I look at that and then I check my profit. So I’m comparing my expenses to my revenue just to see what is our profit for this year? At the end I will ask what went well, what needs improvement, what will I continue to do and what am I going to stop doing when it comes to how I’m making money specifically.

The next thing I look at is my offers.

I look at what offer brought in the most income, what brought in the least, what offers I enjoy and what offers I didn’t enjoy. And from there I streamline or I will decide ok I’m going to promote this, I’m not going to promote that.

I review my launches and rollout strategy for my offers.  

The last thing I do is check in with my 3 year, 5 year, and 10 year vision? I have a goal of helping a specific number of people. And I have a goal of helping a certain percentage of those people hit 6 and 7 figures – so I look at my 3, 5, and 10 year vision to figure out like ok, am I on track with helping this number of people make 6 figures? I look and see who I need to become in order to continue to walk in the purpose and walk in the path that God has for me.

Day 2: I plan out the upcoming year based off what I reviewed from day 1.

I start creating my top 5 goals. I set a goal and say “Why am I setting this goal?” And then I write down specific tactics that help me reach a goal in the upcoming year as well as any tentative due dates. My revenue goals are not included in my top 5 but my top 5 goals support my revenue goals.

So I set my revenue goal and then while doing that, I map out my expense budget for the year. So this is based off of my monthly expenses, like in terms of a team, and any kind of programs and coaching that I’m going to invest in. And then a little extra.

I also write out how much I want to profit for the year because how much I want to profit for the year vs. how much I need to make in revenue vs. what my minimum goal is, those are all 3 different numbers. I write down what my profit number is, how much do I want once taxes are out and everyone is paid and then I factor in 25% for taxes and at the end I know what my total revenue goal is for the year. I’m mapping everything out in order to hit all these different money goals or revenue goals.

After that, the next thing I start is planning – planning out my offers and launch plans. I do my high offers and my launch planning. I then again look at my 3, 5, and 10 year goal and ask myself what 3-5 things I need to prioritize in the upcoming year to reach my 3 year goal or whichever goal is like the closest one. So figuring out what 3-5 things I need to prioritize this year to actually hit that 3 year goal. Then I start mapping out my profit plan.

Day 3: I create my new business tracker.

I put dates on the calendar and re-do or review my marketing strategy just to make sure that it’s still supporting my overall yearly plan. I look at my profit plan, looking at my different offers, figuring out how many sales I need to hit my goal. And this is when I start reworking my pricing. Does my pricing align with my goals? But also does it align with what the actual offer is? I create my profit plan spreadsheet and it helps me track my business goals, my revenue goals, my sales goals. I review my marketing strategy keeping space so that God can do His thing. 

There is a lot packed into the episode so listen up boo and take notes if you need to and when you are planning out your new year – listen again. I really hope this helps you plan out your new year because I promise you having a plan, even if things change, you’re going to have so much more confidence and you’re going to be able to navigate the year better when you have a starting point and you have a “this is my plan. This is my intention.” Its something you can pray over. I pray for divine inspiration and divine wisdom. I pray for confirmation, blessings, and prosperity over this plan.

If you need more help with this, reach out to me. We can do a VIP day or you can join the lifetime coaching experience and you can get all of the help you need with doing this!

Until next time, I’ll talk to you later darlin!


  • How to plan out your new year in 3 days so you can walk into 2022 with a confident plan



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