How to NOT be Salesy

Today’s episode is about being “salesy.”

Have you ever thought to yourself that your biggest concern is that you don’t want to come across as salesy? We all feel the moral obligation to not sound salesy or be salesy – but is that REALLY the problem? 

Listen up as I give you the Tea on how to NOT be salesy!

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Without sales, you dont have a business. As a business owner you are a sales person so you have to let it go.

As long as you aren’t being a complete sleeze ball and DMing random ppl you should be fine.

Now that we are past that – being “salesy” is a state of mind.

Ask yourself – What does being salesy mean to you?

If it means cold DMs emails + calls don’t do them.

If it means never offering your offers then you have another problem. Truthfully, the issue is usually that we are AFRAID to sell.

Maybe we just aren’t good at it, or maybe it’s just hard hearing people say “not at this time” or ghost us.

These things shouldn’t stop us from showing up and offering what we have. And it definitely doesn’t automatically mean we are salesy.

3 things you can do to overcome your fear of selling

  1. Serve first – give give give expecting nothing in return
  2. Get clear on the results/transformation you’re offering – you have to believe in what you’re selling
  3. Get proof that you can get said results (receipts)

Let’s get this SCHMONEY! 

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xoxo, Kay

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