How to Get a ROI Inside a Coaching Container

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It is your job as a consumer and client to get a return on investment (ROI) on your purchases. Courses, group programs, masterminds, and 1:1 coaching are all tools and resources, but you still have to implement and do the work.

This last year was a heavy investment year for me, and one thing I know for certain is that every investment came with an up-level.

I know many times I have even found myself feeling like I didn’t get what I expected, but I’ve never made an investment and not received an ROI in some way. It’s my job to ensure that I get a desirable result from my investments and I ALWAYS make my money back.

Read on to learn how you can get an ROI on your coaching investments.

1. Be clear on the purpose of the coaching container.

If you need help with systems and then sign up for a program that is focused on social media then you can’t be upset when you don’t get the systems support you wanted.

Read the sales page, ask questions and know what you’re investing in.

2. Be clear and know what you actually need support with.

Too often I see people make investments in things they don’t need and then they are surprised when they don’t get the results that they were looking for.

3. Do the work and homework that’s given to you.

If you invest in a course or program, implement the assignments you are given!

4. Be coachable.

This is a hard one, even for me, because sometimes you’re coached to change a lot of things and its definitely a test of faith.

At least being open to whatever advice or feedback you’re given can help you see better results because you’re not seeing what they see when they coach you.

5. Show up to all calls and participate by asking questions or actively listen.

I’m amazed at the number of people that join programs and never watch the modules, or that never attend calls and ask questions.

Even when I’m not being coached, I pay attention because I’m always able to learn something from someone else being coached.

6. Ask for feedback.

You made the investment you should be able to get feedback once you implement whatever the coach is coaching on.

Inside my mastermind I’ll constantly be giving feedback as you work through creating your funnel and setting up your systems and processes because I want to make sure you have a seamless process.

It’s how you’ll grow and learn, but also how you can get an ROI because you’ll know you were supported in getting a more tangible result.

7. Journal and accept mindset shifts.

One thing I slept on is the power of mindset and how that’s a super valuable ROI in a coaching container.

I began journaling and realized many coaching containers gave me confidence and other mindset shifts through beliefs that I wouldn’t have paid attention to if I didn’t journal.

I don’t journal a ton, but I try to be intentional about journaling when I’m actively being coached because it helps me process and see areas that I’ve grown in.


Those are just a few thoughts and ways you can get an ROI from your coaching investment.

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  • The 7 things you need to do to make sure you get an ROI in a coaching container.



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