PERFECT Instagram Bio for your business

How to Create the PERFECT Instagram Bio for your business in 2020

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As a creative, entrepreneur/business owner, or influencer your Instagram bio is the first impression people and companies will have about you and your brand on Instagram. People are reading your bio to find out more information about you and connect further before they scroll your feed. Today I’m going to share 8 key parts of your Instagram profile and bio to help you attract and get more followers and leads into your business. It’s time to create the perfect Instagram Bio for your Business.

Use a SEO friendly name

PERFECT Instagram Bio for your business SEO friendly name section

Most people don’t realize that your “name” is searchable on Instagram. Use a keyword in the name section that can be searched so you can get more eyes on your profile. For example, if you are a photographer, you may want to use your name and “Atlanta Photographer.” That way if someone is searching for an Atlanta Photographer your name may pop up!

Select a category

The category section will let people know exactly who you are and give them an idea of the type of content you’ll create.

For example, if you’re a photographer – Id expect beautiful photos but if you’re a copywriter I would expect really good prose, tips, and really in depth captions

Include an “I help statement”

PERFECT Instagram Bio for your business - I help statement location

In your Instagram bio you want to tell people who you serve and how you can help them. This is your time to shine!

You want to make sure you are clear on your target audience so you can speak directly to them. When someone reads this statement they should KNOW whether or not you are talking to them.

ps. its ok to repel people! you actually want to


Include links to other pages you own

This can help grow your following on other pages or give your audience more insight on who you are and what you do.

Share a Quirk or your Expertise

If you still have space in your bio feel free to share a quirk or milestone about yourself. This is your chance to be authentic or show your expertise.

For example, having “Harry Potter Lover or Gryffindor House” in your bio helps your audience connect with you more because your tribe will know exactly what you’re talking about.

Or maybe you are an expert in a space. Include your expertise. My friend Breonna is a successful YouTuber and in her bio she includes her Youtube Subs “75,000+ subbies.”

PERFECT Instagram Bio for your business - show your expertise section

Have a CTA (call to action)

This will give people context to the link in your bio. It entices them to go ahead and click your link or follow whatever prompt you want them to do. It’s always a good rule of thumb to move people off of social media to connect further with you.

Example CTA’s: Click below, Read my latest post, Learn More, Join the email list

Always have a link

There is no other place you can have a link on Instagram besides your bio (unless you have the swipe up feature in stories) so you really want to maximize this space.

If you have multiple links you can use a site like Linktree to have all your links on one page.

It’s even better to create your own link page on your website so you are constantly driving traffic to YOUR WEBSITE. This can be done easily on WordPress, SquareSpace, and other website platforms.

Make sure you are constantly checking and updating your links.

Include your location

PERFECT Instagram Bio for your business location section

You don’t have to include your EXACT location but having your city/state is great for your brand. It lets potential customers know where you are located.

If you are an influencer it’s important to have your location so brands know where you are located and if your location will match their campaign.

If you live in the middle of nowhere, choose the closest major city (that you wouldn’t mind driving to) as your location.

Extra tips:

  • Use emojis! Have fun and show your brand personality
  • To make sure your bio lines up the way you want it to line up use your “notes app” – format it the way you want and then copy/paste it into IG
  • Have a bright profile picture that shows your face (smiling is usually best)

There you have it! Everything you need to know about how to create the PERFECT Instagram Bio for your business in 2020! Do a before and after of your bio and send it to me on the Gram or share it in your stories so I can give you feedback!

xoxo, Kay

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