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So today I’m talking about a topic that most of us know all too well… your inner critic.


There are plenty of days where I wake up and have negative self-talk.

It’s usually completely misguided but I have moments where I talk to myself negatively.


I am my own worst critic (does that sound familiar?).


Some days my criticism overwhelms me and it’s at these times I am grateful for the following techniques.


How to Deal with My Inner Critic – The Mean Girls

1. Take a walk and let them talk

Most people would advise against listening to the mean girls in your head but for me, sometimes the criticism exposes important things that I need to think about.

So, I take a walk and remove myself from others.

Just because I’m having a piss poor day does not mean I can take it out on others who mean no harm. I notice that sometimes being around people causes me to be negative because I am taking on THEIR negative self talk and it brings down my vibe.

Be careful of who you allow into your energy.

By removing yourself from people and listening to your inner critics you can get away from people and recognize if you have an issue to deal with or if  you may be internalizing their negativity as your own.

It’s amazing what a change in scenery can do for you.


2. Exercise

Exercise gets your blood flowing and honestly when you’re exercising you really can’t think about anything else.

Exercise to drown out the mean girls.


3. Pamper Yourself

Grab a glass of wine and treat yo-self!

The act of pampering yourself will uplift your spirit and negativity cannot live in the same space as positivity.


4. Journal

Sometimes writing about my feelings changes things. Often, your inner critic is fearful and by writing out what you are saying to yourself can allow you to be objective and encouraged that you are bigger than the limiting beliefs you think.


5. Talk it out

It can be hard to share your inner critic with others but if you have a trusted friend or a parent that you can talk things out with, that can make a world of difference.

I find that talking to my husband and sorority sister really helps me when I’m having my negative Nancy moments.

I hope these 5 things could help you deal with your inner critic. What are some things you do to deal with negative self-talk?


xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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