How I Am Improving My Health

I know this seems a bit weird when my blog is supposed to be about my lifestyle as a creative but my health is a huge factor in my success as a cereal (serial) entrepreneur.

So often as business owners and creatives we neglect our health. We trade our time for fast food, late nights, and energy drinks.

Recently my heart has been racing. My heart will speed up and I will feel light-headed.

As of writing this post I have not seen a doctor (although I have an appointment soon).

With this new development I have decided to start paying attention to my health and sharing a little more about my health journey.

I have always been an active and healthy person but married life is so comfy and working from home doesn’t do me any favors in this department.

My plan is to really clean up my diet.

  • Starting with cereal.

I am switching from 5 bowls to 2 bowls a day (baby steps).

  • The next step is to cut out unhealthy snacks: chips, candy, and cookies. I will replace them with fresh fruit smoothies.
  • Lastly, I plan to drink more water!
  • There’s also something about cutting carbs, but I am not sure I am ready to stop eating all the spaghetti I want. 

I really haven’t thought this out much but I have noticed that when I blog about it, I stick to it so we will see.

Is anyone else experiencing some health problems and also looking to change? If so, let me know what you are doing to get a handle on your health in the comments!

xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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