Done with You

Marketing Experience

Together we will map out a custom strategy from offer suite and launch calendars to marketing and content plans, so that you can grow and scale your service based or coaching business. 


This is for you if you are looking to increase your impact, income, but more importantly reclaim your time with proven strategies to grow your business.

  • 5 phase experience designed to challenge you to dig deep into the transformation your biz provides while learning how to market and SELL it
  • Voxer access for ease of communication and to create space for work and coaching 
  • Custom marketing plan and 90 day content plan with exact topics to make it easy for you to show up and execute



1:1 Marketing Experience & VIP Immersion

$5000 investment - 3 spots available per month

5 Phases of immersion

Business foundations

  • Identifying clear business goals for the next 90/180/365 days
  • Clarifying current business structure
  • Refining offers and pricing for max profit
  • Payment strategies for income stacking
  • Launch & promotions timeline
  • Income projections and milestones
  • Begin market research


  • Complete market research
  • Identify your unique brand messaging and frameworks
  • Unique value proposition, Instagram/one line bio, and pitch topics
  • Deep dive analysis of your target audience


  • Map out the customer journey and exact messages to speak to them at each level
  • Identify key messages that support the UVP and brand message/frameworks
  • Identify pillars and begin content brainstorming


  • Identify key marketing objectives and KPIs
  • Decide on best marketing platforms and optimal frequency of content for omnipresence 
  • Establishing your lead gen, sales process, and funnel
  • Mapping out a live launch 
  • Mapping out a 90 day content plan

stats & adjusting

3 months later we assess your marketing progress and look at your numbers and results to see areas of growth, improvement, and how to adjust the plan going forward

Auditing your systems, CRM tools, processes, and team for max efficiency and productivity. 

Understanding your zone of genius and where you need support.




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1:1 coaching meets VIP day consulting = massive breakthrough

1. Apply for the Marketing Experience

2. Connect with me on voxer – our primary communication channel

3. Complete your prep work and give me access to all the backend stuff in your business to make the most of our time together

4. Execute the 5 phase experience via voxer (mix of conversations and filling out different questionnaires)

  • Optional in person lunch/dinner to discuss the strategy in a sit down session

Receive your comprehensive marketing plan and 90 day content plan.

3 months after delivery we will do a day of voxer to discuss your stats and progress.




Got Questions? I have Answers 👇🏾

Is this ONLY voxer access or do we get on a 1:1 call?

Voxer access only. Why? Because this experience is about creating a plan and execution. In order to ensure we create strategies and processes that WORK I have chosen a voxer only consulting experience where you answer deep, thought provoking questions, and do specific activities to get more insight on your business.

Also, I understand how busy life can get and hopping on one call won’t solve all your problems, this is why I offer voxer access so there’s more flexibility for your schedule as well as to give you TIME to actually implement and get support/feedback.

We CAN spend 2 hours together during brunch or dinner to talk about your strategy in Atlanta, GA but voxer is the only GUARANTEED part of the experience. Any other access is an add on if time and circumstances permits. 

What all do you need access to? What are the questionnaires like?

Each phase will have a set of questions that you will answer and see inside our shared document. I will give you assignments and guide you in completing specific tasks so that you can implement and have a fully complete marketing strategy. 

I will need access to your email marketing platform (Convertkit, Flodesk, etc), Checkout platforms (Thrivecart, Samcart, etc), CRM (Dubsado, Honeybook, etc), P&L statements or however you track your revenue/sales, any sales trackers, lead trackers, or conversion trackers you use. 

You can give me access to these things using Lastpass (so I won’t have your password but I’ll be able to login until our time is over).

How long is this experience?

On average you can complete all 5 phases in 6 weeks. That being said, many people finish in 2 weeks. It all depends on how much time you have to dedicate to completing each phase. I recommend setting aside at least 1 hour for each phase. Then allow 5-7 business days to get your final marketing plan and 90 day content calendar from me. 

Voxer access ends at the end of 6 weeks and then you can switch to email access for an additional 2 weeks. 

Total access is 8 weeks between voxer (6 weeks) and email (2 weeks). However, access is only relevant to the 5 phases, this is not designed for 1:1 coaching. If you’re looking for 1:1 coaching alongside creating a marketing and sales plan please head over here

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! The full Simple Marketing Experience – VIP Immersion is $5000. 

  • 50% of the invoice is due at contract signing and the remaining 50% is due before we begin phase 4 (approx. week 4). 
  • Alternate payment plan of $1667 due monthly is also available.

Final deliverables will not be started or released until final payment is complete. After we receive your final payment please allow two weeks (or up to 15 business days) for your marketing plan and content calendar to be completed once your final day of voxer has ended.

Can I include a VA, OBM, or team member?

Of course! Just lemme know in your application! I’ll create a group voxer for all of us! Including your integrator, VA/right hand gal in your business to offer an extra set of eyes to strategize and to learn more about your business is very beneficial! We will work together to create processes that better integrate your team member as well! 

If you need to send me a private message you’ll also be able to do that inside our private voxer channel.

Why are spots limited?

Spots are limited to THREE experiences per month (with start dates on either the week beginning on the 1st of the month or the week beginning the 15th of the month). 

This is to ensure that I can give you the BEST and most high touch experience possible. Restructuring a business, creating a marketing strategy, and a 90 day content plan isn’t something I just slap together. It’s important that we both have time to dig in and create the best possible strategy for YOUR unique business. Everything is customized to you, your lifestyle, business goals, and more. This is why spots are limited. 

Have another question?

Shoot me a DM on Instagram (@mrskayhillman)