Creating your Aligned CEO Lifestyle Plan

Creating your Aligned CEO Lifestyle Plan

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I’m sharing how you can create your Aligned CEO Lifestyle Plan. This lifestyle plan is one of the keys to why I’m able to “keep it all together” while running 2 companies, building the bomb community – the #SCHMONEYGang, and juggle the babies, my faith, marriage, and all the other fun stuff I like to do.

Besides being really intentional about prioritization, I’ve talked a lot about getting help, whether it’s personally or for my business and I want break down a little tool I created to help me be more intentional about getting the help I need.

It’s called the Aligned CEO Lifestyle Plan. Keep reading to find out what it is, and how it can change your life!

But First, Two Things You Need to Know

  1. The Aligned CEO Lifestyle Plan is a signature tool that I’ll be using inside the Aligned Life CEO Mastermind. I’ve used pieces of it in other masterminds, but now I’m bringing this entire baby together to transform the lives of the women who join so you don’t want to miss this (follow the link to apply). You guys know the evolution of the mastermind. I’ve had 4 up until this point: Profit, Aligned Life, BecomingCEO, Sustainably Scaling, and now Aligned Life CEO. Every level increases in impact and this version is really bringing all the best of the previous versions to help you truly integrate and find harmony between your life and business.
  2. If you’re anything like me and struggle to ask for help – this tool will be a game changer because it removes the guess work and you get to see a big picture perspective on just how asking or hiring someone to do one thing can give you your life back and THAT is more than worth it.

The Purpose

The whole purpose of the Aligned CEO Lifestyle plan is to help you fully step into your role as a CEO in your business and your life.

Go from being a stressed hot mess to a Confident Embodied/Empowered Owner (CEO) of your home, life, and business.

This plan will help you figure out where you can get help NOW.

You’ll set goals and intentions over the next year and beyond so that you can get the support you need because if there’s one thing I know for sure – as you grow and evolve as a wife, woman, business owner, and mom, you need a different level of support.

This is something meant to use as a check in.

How I Got Here

I want to first share a bit about where this Aligned CEO Lifestyle Plan first came into my mind.

I was going to quit my business when I had King, my first son. I’ve talked about this a lot.

Well, I had a breaking point and told my husband I was DONE and closing my businesses and he told me “that’s not the answer.” I looked at him dumbfounded because I couldn’t think of anything better. I literally worked while I was in the hospital during and after delivery.

I had zero maternity leave and at that time I actually had a team because I had the agency and still couldnt take a break.

My husband then said something that changed me. He said I needed to make a plan and then tell him where I needed help – then we would go get it.

Now as someone who hates asking for help this sounded horrible at first, but when I gave it some thought…it was the answer.

And that is where the first version of the Aligned CEO Lifestyle Plan was born. That year was also when I created the Aligned Life Mastermind which was my second mastermind to date.

So now that you know the origin story, I’ll give you a brief breakdown of what it looks like.

The Plan

The name of the game is to create and ask for the life you desire. It’s something you give to God, you pray of it, you’re intentional with it.

The breakdown:

  1. Core values – this needs to be front and center because without your core values you’ll make decisions that yield temporary or counterproductive results and no one wants that. Your core values will also be a guide to let you know if the biggest, most abundant version of your life, self, and business is truly in alignment and integrity or if it’s someone else’s goals and dreams.
  2. The Questionnaire – the Aligned CEO Lifestyle Plan starts with a ton of questions and prompts to get you thinking about what the aligned version of you looks like. When I say “aligned” I mean what feels correct, the most confident, the most in tune with God. I don’t mean what’s easy, I mean what feels like you’re living your full purpose and calling.
    • Questions look like:
      • Where do I need support in my business (not the people, what tasks and why)?
      • What causes the most stress between my husband and I (ie. cleaning and finding a church home)?
      • What causes the most stress between my kids and I?
      • Where do I need support personally (therapist, exercise, etc)?
      • What would an ideal time to wake up be?
      • What roles do I hold in the highest importance?
      • Where do I want to show up more?
    • There are so many other questions, but this is a good start to get you going if you don’t join the mastermind!
  3. Finding the themes – breaking down the answers to the questions and finding themes and patterns to recognize where you may need the most help. For example, if your stress with husband and kids has to do with cleaning, then that’s a theme and an area that needs to be prioritized when we figure out where you need to hire or create a system.
  4. Identify your Aligned CEO Lifestyle – look at the themes and then map out what your Aligned CEO Lifestyle looks like. The logistics. Who and why. Who you need and why you need them. What systems you need in place and why you need them. What does a dream day look like, a dream month, a dream year? Who or what needs to be in place to achieve those things?
  5. Creating goals and a plan of action – Breaking everything down from hires and systems into what can be done and implemented immediately, in 90 days, 6 months, one year. Anything beyond a year goes into a TBD bucket where as you are able to get to it you’ll revisit that list.


That’s the gist of the Aligned CEO Lifestyle Plan.

The questions part is really what makes this thing a game changer because it’s not a typical goal setting questionnaire. It’s designed with the needs of us entrepreneurs in mind and inside the Aligned Life CEO Mastermind, you get customized support on building out this plan. For the next six months it’ll be our roadmap to help you in making decisions on hiring and support for your life and business.

You deserve to have a business that supports the life you desire. It will take work, but you can also have support to help you get to the final destination. No one does it alone.

If you want to really dig into this check out the mastermind!


  • Why my new mastermind, The Aligned CEO Mastermind, will help you get your life and business into alignment.



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