129. 3 mindset shifts to have consistent 5K months

3 mindset shifts to have consistent 5K months

Everyone wants to hit 5K months, right? It’s a huge goal. Today I want to share with you the 3 mindset shifts that you need to hit consistent 5K months. 

First, before we get into those mindset shifts – if you haven’t taken the seasons of entrepreneurship quiz, take it HERE now. I find that my CEOs that are in the visionary and innovative seasons are usually the ones figuring out what is consistent for them. It will be helpful to know before listening to this episode!

The 3 mindset shifts that you need to reach consistent 5K months…

Action creates confidence.

I see CEOs struggling with confidence all of the time. People want to be confident. A lot of times you’ll procrastinate or have analysis paralysis where you don’t show up to market or sell because of your confidence. 

When it comes to confidence, you literally just have to do it because taking that action is what is going to make you feel the confidence. As you start to see the results of your actions, you become more confident in continuing to take that action. You become more confident in selling when you sell. As you get paid by clients, you become more confident. 

BUT consistently getting paid requires you to take scary action. You are going to have to promote yourself like you’ve never promoted yourself before. Unapologetically talk about your offers. Boldly sell to people and have sales conversations. These are all scary actions but taking that action will help you to see results. So, action creates confidence and that confidence leads to sales. 

You are NOT lazy…but you need better time management!

You are not lazy but you do need to focus on your time management and where you are spending your time and energy. It’s important to figure out what your system is and what works for you. In this season, you’re probably an innovative or a visionary CEO. 

We have so many things that take our focus and time in our lives. It’s so important to realize that you cannot do all the things. If you want to consistently make money, you have to get better at prioritizing your time. 

So what is the number 1 thing that needs to be prioritized when you’re trying to hit that consistent 5K a month? Having conversations and then turning them into sales conversations. This is where your energy should be. We talk a lot about this inside of the BCEO Lounge. (I changed the name from Becoming CEO Society to the Lounge because CEOs need somewhere to lounge.) We also really focus on what task that you’re doing that is wasting your time. Truthfully, sometimes we don’t even realize there are certain things that we are doing that are time-wasters. 

Take a step back and recognize that you have to get good at prioritizing leads, getting new leads, lead generation, creating that rapport, nurturing them, and then getting permission to talk about your offers that you can sell. That is the process. We also talk about lead generation in the Becoming CEO Lounge. If you’re not in the lounge, you should apply and hang out with us. We can focus on what works for you depending on your style and energy.

Your website and offers do not have to be perfect to get results. I’m not saying don’t ever have a great website or work on your offers but I’m saying to focus your energy on sales conversations so you can those consistent 5K months. 

So, you’re not lazy. You are not lazy. You are doing the best you can but now that you know better, it’s time to do better. Get control of your schedule. Stop wasting the day away picking colors and fonts for content. Prioritize making sales your goal. The only way you can make money is if you sell. 

Business is supposed to be boring!

So often we’re trying to do all these different marketing things. We have so many things we are working on and feel like we have to do a bunch of different things. We never get to a point where there’s a system because we’re trying to stay exciting or cutting edge, but that is NOT how business is supposed to be. Business is supposed to be boring. Successful companies have super boring sales strategies and marketing strategies – because they know what works and they know how to make money. Thye know what they have done to be super successful and they continue to do it. 

Sis, it is okay for for your business to be boring or routine, especially if it’s routinely making money. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

When you’re trying to create consistency in your income, you don’t need to be jumping from thing to thing. You need to allow your business to get to a point where you can say, “ok, this is my process.” 

I still want you to be creative but you don’t have to always reinvent the wheel or think of something new. Find a strategy that works and focus on that strategy. 

I hope these three mindset shifts were able to help you to reach consistent 5K months. If these got you thinking, reach out to me on Instagram to chat more about it: @mrskayhillman.


  • 3 mindset shifts that will help you reach consistent 5K months:
    • 1. Action creates confidence.
    • 2. You aren’t lazy, but you do need better time management.
    • 3. Business is supposed to be boring.



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