Closing businesses, retiring offers, and pivoting to align with your life

There will be times in your business where you will need to retire an offer or even close your business so you can pivot into something better. Let’s chat about pivoting in business to align with your life.

Recently I made the decision to close the doors to my photography studio. I have NEVER in 4 years closed Moments with MK Photography but the truth is that I’m in a new phase of life and honestly, I don’t want to do the work required to run that business right now.

I made this same decision for my Social media agency.

Instead I’ve decided to focus and pivot in a new direction. I want to fully serve the women in this space and I’m also creating a digital product company as well as dabbling as a content creator and influencer.

I know far too often that we hold onto parts of our business whether its an offer or a whole company knowing good and dang well it no longer serves us in this season and that’s gotta stop.

It’s ok to close your company, even if it’s temporary. I closed my agency when I got pregnant with King. The photography studio isn’t closed indefinitely I plan to bring it back in the summer.

We have to stop running programs and offering services that when you really think about it, it’s truly not profitable and it’s making you miserable.

-Kay Hillman

Some questions to ask yourself about your business and your offers:

  1. How much time and I spending maintaining and delivering this offer?
  2. Does it align with what my clients actually need?
  3. Is this feeding my ego in some way?
  4. Am I actually signing clients/selling this service?
  5. Could this offer be better and do I want to make it better?
  6. Do I need a break?
  7. How does this offer affect my lifestyle (and the lifestyle I want)?

Here’s the thing, I woke up and decided to close the agency. Simply because “I didn’t want to do it anymore” and that is perfectly ok.

As the CEO there is nothing you HAVE to do except make a decision. I supported this decision in answering those questions but deep inside I just didn’t wanna do it in this season and that’s reason enough. I can revisit it in a couple of months or maybe I won’t but at the end of the day, closing a business or retiring an offer is all about understanding what is actually happening in your life and your business and making the best decision for you.

It seems crazy that I would close TWO companies that make me a lot of money but I’m in a season of family first and prioritizing my mental sanity. I don’t want to be tied to social media and with running an agency I have to be connection and I just don’t wanna. Hence, the pivot and focusing on supporting women who also don’t want to be tied to social or want to use social in a different and more aligned way.


  • What it means to close your business or retire an offer and
  • Pivoting in business to align with your life



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