Busy Holiday Weekend

Hey Darling!

For most people, Labor Day Weekend was a time to take a break and hang out with friends and family, but not for me! I had a busy holiday weekend shooting! I can’t wait to share the images on my website!

I shot an amazing blogger on Friday and 2 weddings (1 Saturday and 1 Sunday). I have never shot two weddings in one weekend. While it wasn’t easy it was SUCH a great experience!

I was the lead shooter for my Saturday wedding and that night I picked up a second shooting gig for Sunday!


The pictures I got of both of these weddings are my best ones to date! It’s amazing how practice really does make PROGRESS (because perfection doesn’t actually exist).

Today I am going to be editing until my eyes fall out.

This weekend is a good indicator of the rest of my September since I have events every weekend this month!

It’s so exciting to see that my photography business is starting to grow! I have been focused on social media management for so long and I haven’t put as much effort into my photography but I am back and ready to get to it!

What do you guys think of my new blog upgrade? I literally changed my website in 3 hours. But it’s so worth it, if I say so myself!

xoxo Kay

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xoxo, Kay

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