How to create a sustainable business foundation so that you can consistently market and sell your high ticket offers and sign four and five figure clients in less than 20 hours/week.

Do you desire profitable offers, confidently market, and consistently sell your mid and high ticket offers as a coach, consultant, or service provider...

working part time hours?

You don’t have to do “all the things” or spend every waking moment working on your biz to be successful.

Forget about being #teamnosleep and always having to hustle and grind to build to the next level.

Mama – yeen got time for all that. Between chasing kids, participating in church, being a great wife, and all the other roles you play, you have a limited amount of time to build and grow your company. 

Guess what? 

Building a business doesn’t have to be soul sucking and time consuming. You can have freedom and flexibility by creating a strong and sustainable business foundation and strategy – then execute it.

That’s it

Moms do business different and that is your power.

This program is designed to support you in creating a business that allows you to build a legacy while also prioritizing what’s most important – being a steward over your home. BCEO is for moms (and women planning for families), created by a mom because our lifestyle requires a different type of business model for the season we are in and that’s ok! 

imagine this:

Does this sound like you....

Truth moment

There's no one size fits all when it comes to business...

This is why this program includes: education, strategy, community, hands on support, and accountability – but more importantly it is designed to give you a unique strategy within our framework so that you can create strategies that are sustainable and specific to your business and lifestyle.

The key to growing and staying in business is to prioritize sustainable biz practices from the start! Your foundation is key!

This is why in the BecomingCEO Method we focus on 4 key areas to help you become the CEO of a successful company.

The truth is that your beliefs, gaining clarity, executing, and selling with Confidence are the foundations of becoming a CEO

You’re probably thinking…
I hear you Kay but,

“I am being consistent and my business still isnt growing”

“I don’t have time to create a ton of content…”

“I’m having a hard time balancing clients, my family, and my 9-5 – I don’t have enough time.”

“What kind of content should I create?”

“I have no idea what I should be doing next”

“I’m overwhelmed with all the strategies out there and I don’t know what will work for me.”

“I just don’t feel confident or sure about what I’m doing in my business.”

“I’m struggling to figure out how to be seen as an authority or expert in my space. What am I doing wrong?”

If you can relate... I got you boo!

After working with hundreds of CEOs, I know that supporting you mentally, spiritually, as a CEO, personally, and beyond is exactly what you need to confidently show up and make big decisions to have success in your business.

Boo thang, You can have alignment and ease in your business!

What if you could...

In the Method Framework

you are supported with...

why this works

Whether you're a mama chasing babies or working a 9-5 while building your biz, the BecomingCEO Method will give you the SKILLS and STRATEGY to make money in your service based/coaching business.

The focus in this space is for you to grow a business with simple and SUSTAINABLE processes while working through the mind drama that keeps you feeling stuck. You have access to unlimited coaching where we prioritize PERSONALIZED support because YOUR business is different and it's time you get support that works for YOU so you can continue to execute and grow as a CEO.

We do business different over here and because of that you get a ton of customized support to give you that extra edge to succeed. I don't let up.


This is a high touch program that gives you FOREVER access to a coach that KNOWS your business.

Win: Contract SIGNED

Win: Clarity and strategic next steps

ready to Boss up?

Welcome to the Experience



(10 payments of $350)

Access to BCEO Framework + Trainings

LIVE group coaching calls (weekly)

Templates + Swipe Files

Monthly Content Review

Exclusive community to ask your pressing questions 24/7

Access to my brain for a lifetime

Let's Talk

Return on Investment

You don’t have to do business alone. This space is a mix of accountability, support, community, faith, and strategy.


Inside the BCEO Method you get exclusive access to:


The BCEO Framework is my 4-part framework designed to help you get clarity, market your business, and become a powerful CEO. 

Trainings are 30 minutes or less because – we all have hectic lives and we need ease! 

There’s also 5 guides that give you a step by step process to reach $1K, $3K, $5K, $10K, and $20K.

The framework includes signature courses: Five Figure Strategy, Consistent Sales System, The Launch Lab, and more…



Not only will you have access to my trainings and framework but you will also get the templates, prompts, and swipe files I mention so you can easily implement the strategies in minutes. 

You will never feel like you “don’t know what to say/write” or be confused on “how to show up” because I’m giving you access to tons of swipe files that convert! 


Get in the hot seat boo! 

Let’s hop on Zoom and I’ll answer all your questions and give advice about YOUR business with NO FLUFF! 

I’m not giving you theory – but specific advice that I believe will work for your unique business. 



For 5 weeks you will receive WEEKLY (audio only) group coaching to work through the content and help you get a jumpstart on understanding and implementing the BecomingCEO METHOD.

Cohort start dates for 2022 are: July, September, and October.

You get immediate access to the community as soon as you join and access to the cohort coaching once the next start date rolls around. 

Calls will be Thursday’s from 7-8p ET.


You can post almost anything you’d like and get feedback from me to make your content powerful! 

You’ll get a video recording by myself or a guest coach to help you up level your content.



(or 10 payments of $350/mo)

Access to BCEO Framework + Trainings

LIVE group coaching calls (weekly)

Templates + Swipe Files

Monthly Content Review

Exclusive community to ask your pressing questions 24/7

Access to my brain for a lifetime

Sis if you show up for yourself - your business WILL FLOURISH!

Support Fo' Life

How many times have you wanted to ask your favorite coach a question or have them review something for you but because you aren’t currently in a program you can’t ask it? This is why I created this as a lifetime experience.

I know that CEOs that work with me want to stick with me and get advice from me long term. While 1:1 coaching and masterminds are GREAT for growth. It’s nice to have a space you can always come back to and get the support you need when you aren’t in a high level coaching container.

Please note, due to the digital nature of this product there is a zero refund policy. Trust me, you won’t need one boo! 💋

MEET YOUR coach, marketing expert, and biz bestie!

Hey Boo! I’m Kay

I’m Kay Hillman aka the Sustainable SCHMONEY Coach. I’m a podcaster, social media maven, marketing expert, and biz coach who supports female entrepreneurs in growing their business without having to hustle until their arms fall off.

I’m a new mama and my #1 priority is my baby and family so I get it – we are all short on time but we want to make a big IMPACT and get a fat check along the way! 

I believe in luxury and living a huge life with no limits – but it wasn’t always like this.

I dropped out of med school, started driving for Uber + Instacart, and found myself with zero job prospects. 

Then something hit me and I decided to create my own “job,” so I used my nerd brain (and the scientific method) to figure out a formula to create a business that I loved that could support a lavish lifestyle with minimal effort. 

BOOM from $150/week driving for Instacart to consistent $7K+ months.

Then I flipped that ish to help other women build their businesses and here a young thug is today! 

Darling, it would bless my little southern heart to support you in creating a business filled with rest, ease, play, and alignment while pushing you to tap into your inner CEO and authority so you can attract wealth and abundance with ease.

My desire is for you to have MORE! More clients. More freedom. More money. More ease.

Hanging with me, your life is DESTINED to change. So without further ado… LET’S GET THIS SCHMONEY (without the hustle, of course)!

For real tho, are you still wondering if the BCEO Method is for you?

  • Do you want to make more money each month?
  • Do you want to build a business without working 24/7?
  • Do you want more clarity and to know what you need to do next in your business?
  • Do you want support and expert eyes on your business to help you problem solve? (aka. Do you want Kay all up in your biz to help you grow?)
  • Are you ready to implement tested and proven tactics + strategies?
  • Are you a coach, service provider, or building a personal brand?
  • Are you looking for support in your business long term without having to join 5000 different programs?

If you answered “YES” to any of those then you’re def a good fit for the BecomingCEO Method.

But if you wanna talk about it send me a DM on Instagram (@mrskayhillman)


🗣 Let’s talk about your feelings

Honestly boo, I know you’re probably nervous about investing in yourself but I promise you – you owe it to yourself, your family, your time, and your business to join NEOW! Here’s the thing, in this program – you’re never behind. You can always jump in and ask a question or get the support you need so why wait? The price is only going to increase and let’s be real… if you’ve read this far, you are ready to bet on yourself so, I’ll see you inside!

Mama - all you need is a little faith and to commit to showing up for yourself.

Wanna talk about it? Let’s book a 15-minute chat!

have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

The BCEO Method is perfect for female entrepreneurs who are coaches, service providers, or building a personal brand who want consistent $1K-$10K+ months. You want to create, launch, grow, or scale your business online and with clarity and simplicity.

This is not for someone looking to constantly hustle and do all the things.

If you are looking to prioritize lifestyle (aka family and living) first while creating a wildly successful business then this program is for you. If you have any extra questions not answered here send me a DM on Instagram (@mrskayhillman

Yes boo! The BecomingCEO Method is first and foremost a FRAMEWORK aka it’s a system that will help you problem solve and get to the next step/level in your business. This experience is for ALL levels. I’m all about meeting people where they are. Once you join, you will receive my client intake form where you’ll answer a bunch of questions so I can get to know you and your business intimately.

From there, I’ll be able to guide you to the best trainings and Guides to help you win!

We have guides to help you make your first $1K, $5k, $10K, and $20K+! 

As much or as little as you would like. I recommend popping into the group daily (for even 5 minutes) to plug into the energy of our community. 

The BCEO Method is here to support you as little or as much as you need. Our group coaching calls are 1 hour (twice a month). I intentionally made the trainings inside this membership 30 minutes or less because we all have hectic lives and the whole point is to TAKE ACTION. 

You can listen on the go.

I will say, the more time you spend – learning, asking questions, and implementing/executing what you have learned the better your results will be. Speaking of results….

HECK YES! But lemme dial it back. My mission is to help as many women as possible grow your business but the truth is that YOU have to show up and do the work. You have to show up to our coaching calls and ask questions. You have to engage in the group and ask for feedback. You have to take some sort of action and implement the training and BCEO framework I provide.


I’m committed to you, but you have to be committed to yourself. I’m going to create and give you everything I can to help you take action with ease but you still have to execute. I’ll give you the tools but you have to use them.

FOREVER! You can drop in and out. Life happens so you may have to take a step back and that’s ok, you can always jump back in and be supported in this group container.

There is a zero refund and cancellation policy.


A lot! I will be in our exclusive community answering questions daily and will host a live Coaching Call/Q+A twice a month.

Inside the Society there will be a calendar of events for each month. Usually coaching calls fall on Thursday’s at 8PM ET and they are recorded and uploaded! Prior to the call a questionnaire will be sent out for you to ask questions in case you can’t show up live.

Of course! Baby King will definitely make some guest appearances and coach a bit! Feel free to bring your littles on the calls! We will try not to get caught up in their cuteness!

Darling, it’s time to go from the struggle bus to making CEO Moves so you can have consistent income, more clients, and a business filled with ease.

When you roll with me you will...

Get clarity on the next step you need to take in your business

Build an audience of raving fans

Attract your dream clients without even trying

Step into your authority and expert status as a CEO

Market and grow your business with ease

Sell your offers without feeling salesy so you can make more money

In a nutshell you can expect – Accountability. Community. Support. Strategy. Clarity. SCHMONEY. Ease.

…and more because I’m cool like that 😜


The results speak for themselves...

“48 Saves on my Instagram post! I never got more than 5 before! All because of the information and strategies you so graciously share! Had it in me the whole time I just needed you to help me funnel it and get clear.”

Mi'esha of Be spiritually bold

“Hey Kay, I know it is late but I just want to thank you again! The class tonight was everything and I am inspired. Over the past few months, I took a break from pursuing my business. However, I focused on networking and building a support system and now I’m ready to crush my goals.”

Kinny of just.kinnyja

Ready to become a part of the community?

Wanna talk about it? Let’s book a 15-minute chat!