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Mindset shifts to scale your biz to six figures with Ashley Fillmore

Meet my Boo Ashleyyyyyyyy! We are mastermind besties and I’m super excited to have her as a friend and mastermind community member. Ashley is a fitness coach who got her start after experiencing a lot of childhood adversity (passing of…


093. Q1 Recap & Q2 Planning Session (2021)

I loveeeeeee the numbers and strategy involved in building a business. It’s officially Q2 and we have PLENTY of time to hit our goals for the year! I’ll be sharing a breakdown of exactly what happened for BecomingCEO x Kay…


How To Build a Successful Brand in 2021

The digital space is rapidly changing and doing the same old thing we’ve been doing to grow and build a successful and profitable brand just isn’t going to cut it in 2021. These tips will point you in the right…


Seasons of business (rest vs hustle)

Today’s episode is about how hustle and rest in our business is seasonal. I’ve been on a crazy rollercoaster in my marketing strategy and I think that many of us can relate to feeling like you have to do “all…


Fear of failure – You can’t free your business to success

Sis – what got you here won’t get you to the next level. You can’t continue to free your business to success. At some point you have to get serious and start paying for things to help you grow your…


You don’t have a strategy – Difference between a strategy and tactic

Boo thang, your business doesn’t have a strategy and it shows 🥴 Stop doing all these tactics without knowing what the long term, big picture is for your business. Quick wins are cute but when you’re trying to grow and…


Top mistakes you’re making that’s landing you in the biz bestie friend zone

Sis, I know it sucks to get stuck in the virtual biz bestie friend zone from potential clients! Yikes! Here are two mistakes (and how you can overcome them) that are putting you in the friend zone and keeping clients…


How to use REST to DOUBLE your income

Today’s episode is about how to double your income by RESTING and being INTENTIONAL with your business! Prioritization is key. When you are in a season of rest you can be profitable, just as you would be during a season…


How to create an in demand business with Saba, The In Demand VA

In today’s episode I’m chatting with Saba, The In Demand VA, about how she went from traveling the world to full time and booked out VA.  We chat about how the 2020 pandemic caused her to pivot and get serious…


How to use collaborations to grow your audience and business

Collaborations allow you to get in front of a new audience and gives you INSTANT credibility. Doing collaborations also allows you to get in front of high quality leads (if you collaborate with the right people).  You want to make…


Reason you’re not getting clients from social media

Let’s talk about the number 1 reason you’re not getting clients on social media. Spoiler alert – it’s the QUALITY of your content. Join the Sold Out Offers Mini-Series: bit.ly/soldoutoffersminiseries Either you are using images that just dont relate to…


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