August 2018 Creative Lifestyle Goals

August is a busy month for me and I decided that I wanted to hold myself accountable so, I am posting my August 2018 Creative Lifestyle Goals on the World Wide Web.

I want you to share your goals with me in the comments below as well! I may make a practice of sharing my goals monthly! I’ll be sure to post my results at the end of the month.

A quick note, this is a combination of my business, financial, and personal goals. I am a creative so I do a million and one things. Bear with me.

August Creative Lifestyle Goals:

  • $2000 total in my business(es)
  • Post on Social Media Consistently
  • Maintain a (+) day 25/31 days
  • Be “off” on Sunday’s
  • Wake Up at 7am (Monday-Friday)
  • Exercise 1x/week (I know, pitiful lol)
  • 2 Blog posts/week on Mrs.KayH Lifestyle of a Creative
  • Get a Brand Partnership
  • Book 4 Portrait Clients
  • Host a Power Session for She’s a Creative
  • Add 3 social media management or coaching clients with The Social Savvy Co
  • Plan a Fall Themed Photoshoot
  • Take Pictures Every Single Day
  • Have 1K Listens on Podcast
  • Have 15 Podcast ReviewsImage result for lets do this gif

It seems like a lot and it is a lot but I have a plan for each of these goals. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on creating an action plan for you goals. Let me know if you want to see that! In the meantime, write your goals below so I can root for you!


xoxo, Kay

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