August 2018 Creative Lifestyle Goals Recap

August was just as busy as I predicted but I hit a lot of major goals!

This month was not easy at all and it is setting me up for an even busier September but we can talk about those goals later!

So I am just going to run through the check list and explain when I feel like it! All the goals I achieved will be in bold!

August Goals:
  • $2000 total in my business(es)
      • Killed this goal on August 19th!
  • Post on Social Media Consistently
  • Maintain a (+) day 25/31 days
      • I decided to track this because I have been battling a bit of anxiety and depression lately and I really wanted to hold myself accountable to not allowing myself to sit in my bad moods.
  • Be “off” on Sunday’s
      • This goal changed after the first Sunday to “Be ‘off’ on Sunday Evenings” and then it changed to “Be ‘off’ on one Weekend Evening Each Week.” 
  • Wake Up at 7am (Monday-Friday)
    • Never happened except for 3-4 days lol
  • Exercise 1x/week (I know, pitiful lol)
      • Towards the end of the month I actually exercised more than 1x/week!
  • 2 Blog posts/week on Mrs.KayH Lifestyle of a Creative
    • I messed up one week and forgot!
  • Get a Brand Partnership
  • Book 4 Portrait Clients
      • This worked out at the last minute!
  • Host a Power Session for She’s a Creative
    • This event was so much fun!
  • Plan a Fall Themed Photoshoot
    • I completely forgot about this one!
  • Take Pictures Every Single Day
    • Ha! Nope!
  • Have 1K Listens on Podcast
    • Yasssssss
  • Have 15 Podcast Reviews
    • Nope, y’all not faithful!

Overall August was busy but VERY successful! For many of my goals, I got super close to achieving them which lets me know that it’s possible!

One thing I will attempt to do in September is to not put so much pressure on myself and to try and be consistent with my goals from August and see if I can consistently hit the same goal before I increase it!

How did you guys do on your August goals? What would you change differently about how this month went? How do you plan to adjust for September? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on the Gram or in the SAC Facebook Group!

xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

1 thought on “August 2018 Creative Lifestyle Goals Recap”

  1. I love your goals and how you adjusted them. When I think of goals I ask myself 3 questions.

    Are they smart?

    I think yours hit it perfectly!

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