5 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making in Your Early 20s

There are so many things I could put on a list titled “5 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making in Your Early 20s.”

Here goes nothing! I’ll say these are my Top 5.

  1. Having More than One Credit Card

The purpose of getting a credit card is to BUILD your credit; however, most of us in our 20s DESTROY our credit. Do your future self a favor and stay away from credit cards. I have been on a get out of debt journey all year and it doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough.

  1. Getting Committed Too Fast

Your early 20s are a time to explore and get to know a lot of different people. It’s also a time to get comfortable in your own skin and to understand your wants and needs.

Don’t waste your 20s with the same person, when you KNOW it’s a dead end. In your 20s be smart and when someone is giving you bad vibes, CUT THEM LOOSE!

Fall in love but cut ties quick!

  1. Not Working on Personal Development

Working on your personal development should be a number one priority in your 20s. Reading books, listening to podcasts, and going to networking and inspirational events should be a normal Friday night for you. These are the things that will help you in the future as you are trying to get your dream job, build your marriage, start a business, or raise your children.

In your early 20s focus on developing yourself. Your future self will thank you.

  1. Not Keeping in Touch With Your Parents

As we get older, we start flexing on our parentals. Newsflash, they may not be here tomorrow. Make sure you take the time to call your mom or dad because they care about you. One day you will wake up and wish you could call them. Cherish them today.

  1. Eating Unhealthy (and Drinking too Much)

Take care of your body while you are young and you won’t have to worry about the aches and pains of old age. Obesity is rampant in the USA and so is high blood pressure and diabetes. All of which can be controlled with a healthy diet. Do your body a favor and eat healthy foods, drink but don’t over drink (DRINK RESPONSIBLY). Everything in moderation! You will only be in your early 20s for a few years, don’t let those years ruin your body forever.

**Disclaimer: I eat cereal and gummy bears daily but as a 26 year old I creak and ache like an old lady.

Do me a favor and try not to make at least one of these mistakes, you can thank me when you’re 40! 🙂 

xoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

2 thoughts on “5 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making in Your Early 20s”

  1. I definitely will start eating better. I have a bad habit of eating out and not exercising. I know I need to do better. Your post needs to be read by so many others because people often make these mistakes and don’t understand the detrimental effects of their actions until later on. I will definitely share it!

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