5 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making in Undergrad

There are so many mistakes you can make in college, but these 5 should NOT be one of them! Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid making in undergrad. 

Mistake #1: Skipping Class

My first semester was wonderful! It was the summer and the work load was so constant that there was no way I could skip class. Fall semester was a whole different story. Fall is laxer because there are too many students/incoming freshmen to keep track of. So, I skipped. BIG MISTAKE!

You never truly realize when you have gone too far until it is too late.

Also, when you skip classes professors are less likely to give you a break when you really need to miss class for a legitimate reason. Save your skips for the emergency darling. Go to class, you’re literally paying for it and if you fail it’s a waste.

Mistake #2: Taking too many classes

After I stopped skipping classes, I got really ambitious and took 19 hours in one semester. You have to get special permission for stuff like that. ANOTHER HUGE MISTAKE. The average number of hours to take a semester is 13. Roughly 4-5 classes. You should not take more than that. Taking too many classes can become stressful and you will not be able to give equal attention to them all.

Do yourself a favor and be normal. If you want to finish faster take summer classes.

Mistake #3: Procrastinating

If you have 4 classes and wait until finals week to start studying for 4 classes, you played yourself. Procrastinating is one of the biggest mistakes I made in undergrad. I always managed to wait until the week of to study for an exam not realizing I also had projects and papers due at the same time. I would go days without sleeping which doesn’t help you prepare for exams or anything else you have due.

I was able to turn this around by creating a semester calendar. All projects were done around midterms which meant I could focus on exams. I always gave myself one week (7 full days) to study for exams and this helped me turn my grades completely around.

Mistake #4: Reducing your meal plan

This is a big deal because we all gotta eat. Reducing your meal plan means you have less meals (or no meals) to eat on campus. This is a mistake because unless you have a job you may not always have the coins to eat and who wants to ration food because they wanted to be cheap on their meal plan.

UC Berkeley

Save yourself the stress (and nights not eating or mooching from your friends) and keep a decent meal plan. Just in case.

Mistake #5: Staying in your dorm

You won’t make friends if you stay inside. Be social and make friends. It was hard for me to make friends because I stayed cooped up at home instead of attending events and being social on campus. By the time you are a sophomore people have created their friend groups. Be social and stay out of your room (in the beginning).


Are there any mistakes you would like to add? Comment them below!




xoxo, Kay

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