4 Types of Buyers and How to Sell to them

Did you know there are different buyer types and that your content and sales style needs to speak to them? I love sales psychology and here I’m going to share the four different types of buyers and how to sell to them.

Buyer Type: Red

This buyer type wants to pay in full (PIF) or says things like “give me the link and I’ll purchase.” This type of person is very direct and rarely want to have a conversation. They are FAST ACTION TAKERS.

They need to know the bottom line – what is the tangible result and how it will help them. They only care about themselves and what they can get from your offer.

When selling be transparent about your pricing, I give Reds my sales page because they don’t really want to talk – they need to see it for themselves.

They usually have a ton of objections but it’s because they are challenging you. So it’s important to have FAQs and create content that overcomes objections so you can point them to that information.

Buyer Type: Green

This buyer type usually says things like “I got questions/I need to do some research/I need to read more/I want more information/Let me pray on this.”

The usually buy in the middle of the launch or towards the end. They need information and usually watch you for a while before committing.

Creating a sales page and social media posts with all the technical details will be helpful.

If they need more information ask them what specific questions do they have and answer them. Usually this type wants to hop on a sales call. So when you’re on the call make sure you ask “what specific question do you have that I can answer for you?” Then be DIRECT with your answer.

Don’t worry about convincing them. They already have the information and likely need assurance which is why they are on the call with you.

Buyer Type: Yellow

They need time and space. It’s important not to pressure them to buy. They care about how the offer will help their family and make life better. This type of buyer cares about the greater good and how to help others and the impact of their decisions on others.

They will often say things like “I need to talk to my husband” or “Do you have any reviews” or “I need to think about it/This isn’t in my budget.” This type of person may not purchase during the first launch but they will during the next launch.

This buyer type usually goes ghost due to having a family or existing financial obligations.

Follow up and keep connecting with them. Create a safe space for them to engage with you. They will circle back in when they are ready. This person needs to see consistency and results.

Buyer Type: Blue

This buyer type is your last minute crew. They will join at the VERY end of the launch or even after your launch. These are the people you sneak in at the end because they really are a great fit.

They see the offer but think they have time and then you start announcing the doors are closing so they scramble to ask questions and get things in order to work with you.

They need to know when the offer, bonuses, etc closes. They are motivated by urgency. But you don’t have to constantly market this.

Sell even after you’re done selling and they will likely be one of the ones they sneak in.

Blues want to see how much fun and excitement/community that they will experience working with you. They are all about EXPERIENCES and CONNECTING. They are usually watching your stories and enjoy behind the scenes and learning about the journey.

So, there you go! These are the 4 types of buyers and how to sell to them.


  • The 4 buyer personas
  • How to sell to each type



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