21 High Demand Freelance Jobs You Can Start in 2020

More and more companies are hiring independent contractors and small business owners as freelancers to reduce costs and work with individuals that have the necessary skill to get the job done.

As a mom, you can use everyday skills to create a full time or part time income thanks to freelancing.

Websites like Upwork, LinkedIn, Fiverr offer tons of freelance opportunities. You can also find work via Facebook groups and in person networking.

Here are 21 HIGH demand freelance jobs that you can learn (or may already know how to do) to earn extra (or full time) income.

Web design

All businesses need a website and web presence. You no longer need to be an expert at HTML when there are platforms that help you easily create websites (Showit, SquareSpace, Wix).


If you can enter numbers into an accounting software then you can be a bookkeeper. Of course it isn’t THAT simple but here is a three part series to give you an overview and tips to help you get started!

Graphic design

From logos to digital and paper fliers and social media content, everyone needs some sort of graphic created. Most of us aren’t creative enough to design our own graphics or we simply don’t have the time.

If you have a creative eye and can learn (or have already mastered) design programs like Photoshop, then being a graphic designer is for you!

Join Skillshare and take this graphic design class for free!

Content writer/Copywriter

With all the sales pages, websites, blogs, and other forms of written content out there, there’s a huge need for people with good writing skills. So dust off your inner writer and consider supporting someone’s business/brand as a copywriter.

Video/Podcast Editor

Video and podcast editing is a very lucrative and much needed skill. Most creators and businesses simply don’t have the time to edit and would gladly outsource this task!

If you can work your way around video and/or podcast editing software you can have STEADY clientele in this space!

Virtual Assistant

Being a VA is a great way to get your feet wet in the freelancing space. You can test out pretty much all of the listed freelance jobs on this list as a VA and then specialize.

As a virtual assistant you will be working remotely to provide support services to a wide variety of clients (from coaches and consultants to authors and entrepreneurs in different industries).

A few tasks you may cover: email management, blog writing, graphic design, community manager, scheduling, and more.

If you like having a variety of tasks to do and helping others with their busy to do list, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Love scrolling on the Gram and engaging with people? Consider freelancing as a social media manager.

This can be a pretty intense freelance position if you are creating and sourcing content but can also make you a lot of money!

In this position you’ll be handing the social media profiles of different businesses.


If you are an expert in a particular area then consulting is a great way to put your knowledge to use.

Think about your degree, work experience, or self taught experience and see if there is a need to consult other people in that area.

People will pay for your expertise!

Presentation Designer/Writer

As a presentation designer you will be creating powerpoint presentations and slide decks for different businesses/brands/events.

Many presentation designers create slide decks that can be sold and edited by the consumer for specific industries.

For example, you can create a presentation that outlines the steps it takes to start a business and sell it to entrepreneurs for them to edit with their own logo, font, colors, and additional information.

These slide decks are a great resource because it takes quite a bit of time to create a presentation so purchasing an already made design or having a presentation custom made is a huge time saver (and revenue generator for you).

Ads Manager (FB and Google)

It’s 2020 and everyone is trying to maximize their reach and gain more clients and customers. If you have some experience (and success) with creating ads on Facebook and Google you can leverage this skill as a freelancer. This can also be something you consult on.

Email Marketing

It’s not talked about as much as social media but email marketing is still a huge way to grow a business and make sales. Many companies focus heavily on their email list and marketing to their customers via email.

As an email marketing freelancer you can create an email marketing campaign and strategies to support businesses that want to focus on email.


All businesses need quality photography. Not to mention the wedding industry, babies and maternity, families… you get the picture. Being a photographer can bring you constant work if you have an eye.

There are plenty of free resources on Youtube and paid courses (highly recommend investing) that can help you increase your skills as a photographer and ultimately create a six-figure freelance business.

Career Coach

Love helping people get a job or move up in their career? Consider career coaching!

Many college graduates or first time job seekers need help finding their first job. You can also help people create a career plan and come up with advancement strategies for people in the market.

Resume Writer

Love to write and edit resumes? Put your skills to good use! There are plenty of people in the job market that need their resume reviewed or written.

Video Creation

This skill will make you tons of money as a freelancer! In 2020 video content is on the rise! If you can make quality videos for brands, you will have STEADY clients.

Brochure, leaflet, social media content creator

Images, graphics, videos, gifs, and more…

Everyone is in need of some sort of content. Being a content creator gives you a lot of flexibility in your clients and the type of content you create.

Ultimately, if you are creative and love working on different projects, this could be a great freelance opportunity.

Online Business Manager

Being an online business manager is not an introductory freelance skill. This role is best suited for someone that is organized and familiar with running a business.

As an OBM, it’s important to make sure your knowledge aligns with the business you are supporting. Of course you can learn new things but having a strong foundation in business management is a must when freelancing as an OBM.

Community Manager

Love networking in Facebook groups, blog comments, or LinkedIn? Offering to be a community manager is great for someone who loves to answer questions and facilitate community. Many business owners have communities that they want to monitor and support but they may not have time to do it themselves. This is where you come in!

A few tasks of the community manager: respond to comments, point people to resources, create conversations, and block/remove negative contributors.

Personal Assistant

Being a personal assistant is similar to being a VA but you are in person. This is included on the list because if you find the right business/entrepreneur to work with you can easily make a full time income as an independent contractor!

Make Up Artist

If you have the skill and love make up this is a great opportunity to freelance since so many people want their makeup done for special events (weddings, prom, events, etc). You’ll always be in business if you have a signature style and promote yourself well on social media.


You likely have one or more of these skills listed. Put your talents to good use and freelance in one (or several) of these 21 HIGH demand freelance jobs in 2020.

xoxo, Kay

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