2 things you need to focus on to maximize your Black Friday sales

So today’s episode is actually a replay of a Facebook live that I recently did talking about two of things to focus on to maximize you Black Friday sales.

  • lead generation and
  • visibility.

These two things are vital, because you don’t want to put out your offer to crickets when Black Friday rolls around.

When you announce your Black Friday deal, your audience needs to be primed and ready to purchase! Right?

Right now you want to start planting those seeds for your audience as it gets closer to Black Friday, you want to be top of mind for people to shop with.

Lead Generation

Focus on having conversations.

So often we get on social media and we’re focused on getting more followers and wonder why no one is engaging with our content.

There’s more to being on social than getting new followers. Building a business on social requires you to actually be social. The reason why people aren’t engaging with you is because you aren’t engaging with them.

Note – for the purpose of this episode we are talking about ORGANIC lead generation. With organic lead gen. conversations are ESSENTIAL. If you can find a way to insert yourself into a conversation that’s already happening, do that if not – create conversations with your content and by engaging with other people’s content.


You want to be top of mind to people NOW, so that when you put your Black Friday offer out, people aren’t like, “dang, where’d she come from? Why would I buy this when I haven’t seen her in months?”

This is the time that you really want to focus on visibility. And this doesn’t mean posts every single day on social media or send out 5,000 emails.

The idea behind visibility is to be more present on whatever platform you choose to be present and nurture your audience, maybe that means:

  • showing up in your Instagram stories – Monday through Friday (that’s what I do).
  • go live – one day a week for the next four weeks.
  • get more consistent on posting – posting every two days or every three days

You just want to set the tone now for being more visible. Because again, when black Friday gets here, you don’t want to put your offer out to crickets.

You still have plenty of time to build relationships to generate new leads (or warm up existing leads. You have plenty of time to get consistent be visible before Black Friday.

Quick note about Black Friday offers

And I think a lot of people don’t realize that black Friday, isn’t just a time of, “everything’s on sale.” You don’t have to discount everything to 50% off.

You could put out a new and unique offer that your audience actually needs. And because they’re already in the purchasing spirit, they’re going to be more inclined to buy.

On that note, I pray you have a super successful Black Friday! Happy Selling!


xoxo, Kay

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