2 Simple Steps to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Let’s talk about your content and how to improve your content marketing strategy.

A lot of service providers and coaches are creating content focused on content pillars and not the customer journey. This is why you get the amen crew on your content, but no sales. Content pillars and themes are often taught as a way to create a content calendar for growing your business, but this doesn’t actually work the way you may think it does.

Read on for ways you can improve your content strategy!

Get a Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan is so important.

When you have a marketing plan you focus all your content creation efforts on moving people through the customer journey so your content shifts from “how to’s” and “tips and tricks” to

  • What does my ideal client need to see at this stage in their journey with me? and
  • How can I move them along to the point of purchase?

The shift is important even though it may seem like a small change.

It’s time to write out step by step what your customer journey looks like:

  • How does your ideal client find you?
  • What happens when they engage with you?
  • Where are they engaging with you?
  • What is the turning point for purchasing?
  • What options are they weighing before they buy?
  • What steps do they take to inquire and pay?

Then you can create content that meets people where they are, and moves them to the next stage of the customer journey until they pay their invoice.

Take a Look at Your Content Strategy

If you’re creating consistent content (whatever that looks like for you), but you’re not consistently signing clients I challenge you to take a step back and look at your content strategy.

The number one problem most folks have with their content strategy is using vague content pillars, which leads you to having surface level content – or makes coming up with compelling content a struggle.

Oftentimes people are using the same content pillars and it really doesn’t add value. For instance, how many times have you heard of “Motivation Monday”, “Tip Tuesday”, or “Fun Fact Friday” as pillars? Also people tend to follow the: educational, inspirational, or entertaining rule of thumb for their content strategy.

While there’s nothing wrong with having themes or using content pillars – it’s not a high converting strategy.

Using content pillars and following themes for your content usually attracts freebie seekers, DIY-ers, and ultimately people who aren’t yet ready to invest. And because you never shift your content to something deeper, when you sell they aren’t interested because they are trained to enjoy your free content.

This is why I preach having a marketing strategy and knowing your customer journey.

Your Marketing Strategy Will Be Able to Tell You:

  • What is the central message you’re trying to convey? (This is your value proposition or “I help” statement.)
  • What are your frameworks, strategies, and processes for how you serve or coach your clients?
  • What’s your offer promise?
  • What does your ideal client need to see, feel, and understand in order to move from one stage of the customer journey to the next to get closer to working with you?

We often miss this good information to guide us in our marketing when we just focus on creating a content calendar and a content strategy. And I get it. This takes a lot of work and isn’t always fun. It’s easier to just slap together posts you’ve seen other people do and call it a day, but that’s why there are tons of business owners that aren’t making the money they want.

Ways I Can Help You

So I wanna share two options with you to make your life easier and get a grip on your content strategy:

Option 1: Join the BecomingCEO Method. Inside the method I take you through an entire 5 part process to help you write out your marketing strategy and I will give you feedback every step of the way. The METHOD is where my entire marketing and sales brain lives. The CEOs inside of there get tons of feedback and support as well as ideas, trainings, and coaching to help them consistently sell their mid and high ticket services and coaching with proven marketing and sales strategies – all while working less than 30 hours a week.

Option 2: I’ll work alongside you to create a marketing strategy and I’ll create a 90 day content calendar for ya! Check out the Done With You Marketing Experience.

I’ll Leave You With This…

The last thing I want to say is sit down and at the very least, before you create any new content – write out your customer journey and then identify what type of content people need to see in each stage and what do they need to see to move to the next stage.

The content that you create for the brand awareness and visibility stage will likely be more of the authority thought leader content, while the content you create in the consideration phase will be more problem awareness content and helping your customer see the gaps in where she is and where she wants to be.

I would argue that your content strategy pillars should be each stage of the customer journey because that way you’d know you’re moving your audience from just engaging and consuming free content to looking at you as an expert. You want them to see you as someone worth investing in because you’re intentionally giving them opportunities to work with you by selling them via the customer journey.


If your content strategy isn’t converting for you, I recommend you focus on creating a marketing plan after doing an audit of all the content you currently have finished. Be sure to spend a lot of time mapping out your customer journey and refining your content strategy pillars if you want to convert your content into sales!


  • Reasons why your content strategy isn’t converting, how to fix it, and ways to refine your content pillars to reflect your customer journey.



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