093. Q1 Recap & Q2 Planning Session (2021)

I loveeeeeee the numbers and strategy involved in building a business.

It’s officially Q2 and we have PLENTY of time to hit our goals for the year!

I’ll be sharing a breakdown of exactly what happened for BecomingCEO x Kay Hillman in Q1 and how I’m adjusting and planning for Q2. 

How’d Q1 treat ya? What are you doing differently in Q2 to help you reach new levels?

Ps. The BecomingCEO Mastermind is open for applications! This 6 month mastermind is designed to:

🥰 surround you in community that is invested in your success personally and business wise
🔥to help you create an empathetic and intention plan and strategy to market your business and set you up with consistent income via income stacking
👏🏾 encourage you to build your business around your life and prioritize the things that really matter
❤️ help you build a SUSTAINABLE business with integrity

Apply to the BecomingCEO Mastermind

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