Your Second Trimester To Do List: Weeks 14-27

Congrats on making it to Second Trimester!

Second Trimester is usually counted as weeks 14-27 and during this time most mamas experience an increase in energy and we often refer to this time as the “honeymoon phase” because… you feel your best! You find out the gender, start to show, feel your baby move, and so much more (here’s an article sharing what you can expect during second trimester)!

Now that you’re feeling better, it’s time to get stuff done! So here is your second trimester to do list!

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Your Second Trimester To Do List: Weeks 14-27

1. Take lots of pictures

This is the time of your pregnancy where your skin is glowing, your hair is flourishing, and your bump has popped! Take as many bump pics and photos of yourself as you can to document this beautiful moment in your life.

I take photos each week (and multiple times in between) to document every part of this belly growing!

2. Travel (get out of the house more)

By now you should be able to get out of bed and go out. Have brunch with your friends or take a weekend trip with your partner.

So far, I have gone on 3 road trips because I was feeling well enough to travel. Take advantage of this burst in energy and show off your bump!

3. Create your registry

This is the fun part! Picking out cute items for your little one! I personally recommend having an Amazon and Target Registry!

Both of these registry’s give you a discount on any items that aren’t purchased on your list by your friends and family after your baby shower date!

4. Start planning (and arranging) the nursery

With more energy you can start cleaning out your husband’s office and convert it into a nursery. hehehe

Use Pinterest to start planning out how you want your nursery to look and start searching around for pieces you can buy to create the perfect room for your perfect little one!

5. Find a pediatrician

Now is the time to get comfortable with your child’s doctor. You want to meet the pediatrician and make sure their care and philosophy aligns with what you want for your child.

Spend some time researching pediatricians in your area – ask friends, family, and use local resources to find the best doctor for you.

6. Get on the waitlist for day care

A lot of people don’t consider this but many daycares have a long waitlist! The sooner you get on it, the better. You want to make sure you have a chance to visit the daycare center and interview the staff.

By being proactive with this step, you can increase your chances of putting your little one in your first choice day care program (and not a last ditch effort).

7. Take a birth + breast feeding class

I have spent most of my second trimester learning as much as I can about birth and the “fourth trimester” (post-partum).

During second trimester, I highly recommend taking a birth class and breast feeding class with your partner (whether online or at the hospital/birthing center) or at least scheduling these classes for the beginning of third trimester.

Personally, I have been reading books to prepare but I will be attending the classes at the beginning of third trimester!

8. Tour hospitals

Most likely your doctor delivers at a specific hospital(s) but you still have options. Maybe you want to deliver in a birthing center or you simply want to see what other hospitals have to offer.

Whatever you decide, second trimester is the time to visit the places you want to deliver and ask any questions you have about the birth process in these establishments.

9. Plan a babymoon

Your last hoo-rah before the baby arrives! Plan a getaway with your honey for the end of your second trimester (or beginning of the third) to celebrate bringing a new life into your family.

10. Pamper yourself

Your body is probably really sore during this trimester so go get a prenatal massage! Get your hair done, go to brunch with the girls. Pamper yourself during this time! You’ve earned it!

11. Stock your freezer

Now is the time to plan some freezer meals for those days the baby doesn’t want to sleep and you have no time to cook. Life with a newborn can be very exhausting, so prepare for as much as you can!

Here’s a list of quick freezer meals you can make and store during third trimester so you are never left HANGRY!

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12. Start working on your birth plan

Usually your OB will give you a template or questionnaire to help you create your birth plan! Google has a ton of amazing birth plan templates.

Also start thinking about if you want a medicated or unmedicated birth, what do you want to do with your placenta, do you want delayed cord cutting, etc…

These are things that will go in your birth plan. While birth is never perfect, having this plan will help you in case a decision needs to be made during your labor and delivery.

13. Re-evaluate your OB

Just like you are visiting hospitals and taking classes, you want to re-interview your OB. Ask them questions about the birth process and their policy. Make sure you both are on the same page.

It is never too late to change doctors. You should always feel confident and comfortable in the care of your birth team. Speaking of birth team…

14. Hire a doula

A doula is a physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother throughout pregnancy, during labor, and after birth. This person will know your birth plan and advocate for you during labor and delivery.

They are there to comfort not just the mother but also your partner.

We are currently interviewing doulas but we may actually work with a specific midwife that works at my OB! Either way, now is the time to interview and hire your doula before she’s booked!

15. Outline the 4th trimester

In case you don’t know – 4th trimester is the first three months after delivery.

It is important to ask yourself these questions:

  • Who will take care of you during your first days at home? (A spouse, your mom, the in-laws, other family?)
  • How long will you be taking maternity leave?
  • Do you need to find childcare for your older children?

These details need to be ironed out and your fourth trimester tribe need to have calendars and know exactly what is needed of them in advance.

16. Gentle exercise or prenatal yoga

Exercise is important throughout the entire pregnancy but in my first trimester – I just couldn’t!

Second trimester brings a burst in energy levels so try doing some walking, take a prenatal exercise class, or do prenatal yoga.

You will still be tired but exercise is good for you and your little one (not to mention certain exercises help with labor and delivery)!

17. Read birthing books and parenting books

Learn everything you can! Even reading blogs by some of the major pregnancy associations are good for learning what to expect with labor/delivery and parenting!

18. Start planning maternity and paternity leave

Now is the time to talk to your employer about maternity (and paternity) leave! Being clear on these dates will help you know when you need to find childcare and how you can plan your fourth trimester.

For my business owners, you should spend this time creating systems, hiring team members, and informing clients and customers that you will be taking maternity leave.

This is also a great time to assess your finances and create a financial plan/budget for your family during this time.

19. Buy maternity clothes (if you want them)

I personally haven’t purchased any maternity clothes in the second trimester but I was gifted a couple pair of maternity pants from my parents – this has been a life saver!

If you like to shop (and you have the energy) grab a few staple pieces and rock that belly bump!

20. Decide if you want to know the gender

Unless you do a blood test, you will have to wait to find out the gender at your 20 week appointment. You’ll need to decide beforehand if you want to know the gender or not!

ps. there’s a 50% chance you’re having a boy or a girl

21. Decide if you want to take the optional tests your doctor will offer

During second trimester there are a few optional tests your doctor will offer you to check on your little one.

Two that I was offered were the Quad Screening – which is a blood test that tests for birth defects such as Downs Syndrome.

The other test I was offered was the Amniocentesis – another test for genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities. This one requires the doctor to use a thin needle to extract a little amniotic fluid from your abdomen.

I recommend having an open and honest discussion with your doctor about whether or not you want to have these tests.

22. Moisturize your belly

While it’s pretty hard to prevent stretch marks, moisturizing your belly is good for reducing itching! As your belly grows it starts to itch more so use a good moisturizer to reduce itching.

23. Think of baby names

By now you probably know the gender so you’re probably thinking of baby names.

Personally I have a couple of ideas but I really want to see my little one before settling on a name.

There are plenty of lists on Google that will give you the top trending names or most unique names or you can ask friends and family to help you name your new addition.

24. Journal

The second trimester is filled with so many moments that you’ll never want to forget. Make sure you journal as much as possible!

I now realize I should have been journaling more (at least weekly) which I will be doing during third trimester!

Some things you can journal are you pregnancy dreams (which are really crazy and vivid), food and cravings, how you’re feeling, and letters to the baby

25. Prepare older children

If you have older children at home, start preparing them for the new addition.

If you haven’t told them the news, second trimester is the perfect time to give them the news in a special way!

Also, include them in making the registry and allow them to help decorate the nursery. Get a doll for them to practice holding a baby. Allow them to touch your belly (especially when the baby kicks).

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26. Prepare your pets

There are classes you can put your pet in to prepare them for a new addition also allow them to get close and comfortable with your growing belly.

Also, consider getting a sitter or having a dog walker in place for after birth!

27. Purchase a couple of new bras

This is one investment I have made! My breasts have grown a cup size and I was in desperate need of a more comfy bra!

You’ll definitely want to check this off your to-do list!

28. Contact a photographer for maternity pics and birth

Maternity photos are usually taken between weeks 32 and 37! Go ahead and contact and book your photographer so you can get on someone’s schedule!

Also, if you are interested in birth photography, you’ll want to contact your fave photographer to see what their availability is like for your birth month!

ps. If you are in the Atlanta area I am available for maternity and birth photography – check out my work here!

I’m sure there are more things that need to be done (I’ll update as I think of them). Second trimester is a lot of fun but there are also quite a few things that need to be done! Enjoy this moment mama – I hope second trimester is treating you well!

xoxo, Kay

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