132. Your business is bigger than you

Your business is bigger than you

Your business is bigger than you. It is bigger than you. It is so easy to not show up or to allow fear to keep us playing small but I just want to remind you today that your business is bigger than you.

A business is not actually about what you are getting. It’s about the impact and the transformation that you’re able to give to someone else. The reward of helping others is so much bigger than any dollar amount that you could ever make. God has called you to this business for a reason. There is at least one person you’re supposed to impact or life you’re supposed to change. This is bigger than you.

Building a business is constant game of leaps of faith, of constantly trusting God, because there is no ONE way to do it. There isn’t a perfect blueprint that you can follow. And that can be scary. You have to remember to not allow fear to keep you from doing God’s work, to keep you from being obedient to the calling that you have on your life. 

When you are feeling tired, feeling imposter syndrome, seeking external validation, I want you to listen to this episode and know that God has called you to this business for a reason. Do not give up. This is the time to put your feet to the ground, dig in, pray, and stay focused. Your business is bigger than you…and that’s exactly how it should be.


  • How your business is bigger than you
  • Business being about how you can serve others
  • God has called you to this business for a reason



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