Why being a thought leader is the key to massive growth in your business

Why Being a Thought Leader is the Key to Massive Growth in Your Business

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How do you inspire others? You need to be inspired YOURSELF, and then flip that into your own unique thought.

People want innovative, creative, and thought provoking content.

This has been a thing for a while, especially with reels and TikTok on the scene, but I want to take it a step further.

It’s not about creating a ton of trending videos or going viral.

It’s about saying something worth listening to.

Read on to learn more about how you can create content that inspires and grows your audience.

Can your audience trust you?

Look, we don’t need another generic “3 Tips” video.

Anyone can give tips, but can your audience trust you?

Trust has been significantly lacking in the online space, and if you’re struggling to consistently sign clients the way you want this may be your biggest opportunity for growth.

How do you build trust?

Building trust is as simple as showing up and saying something that no one else is saying, but that you feel deep in your bones.

Building trust is walking your talk and showing that you practice exactly what you preach.

Building trust is doing something different and speaking on things even if it’s not popular.

That is innovation.

That is leadership.

It’s not easy, but it’s also what separates you from the next person.

What should you do next?

I know it’s been stressful online with all the changes, but I want to encourage you to stay in the game.

Double down on your strategy.

Go back to the basics (I literally JUST did this for myself).

Now is not the time to fold, but it is time to make sure everything is in order.

There’s a shift coming and I don’t want you to miss the abundance and overflow you can experience when it does. Your time is coming.


If you are struggling to grow your audience, I want you to start thinking about trust. How are you building it? How are you maintaining it? What can you do to help your audience know that they can trust you?


  • How to create trust with your audience, and how that trust will help you grow.


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