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What To Really Expect In The Second Trimester

This is my first pregnancy/motherhood blog post but I am super excited to share what to really expect in the second trimester and especially my experience through second trimester.

As of writing this I am 27 weeks but I have been taking notes of how I have been feeling since week 14!

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What to really expect in the second trimester:

Sore nipples and breast size increasing

This trimester I noticed my breast have at least grown a cup size.

I have also experienced INTENSE nipple soreness. It honestly feels like twisting and tightening of my nipples. The pain lasts for about a minute and then it wears off. Putting ice on them or heat helps.

Still emotional

I am still super sensitive this trimester, but I don’t cry or have as many mood-swings as I did first trimester. As pregnant women our hormones are raging so it’s pretty normal to be emotional, things will level out after the “fourth trimester.”

Increased energy, but still tired

You will definitely experience a refreshing surge in energy as you get into second trimester, but to be 100% honest there is still a level of exhaustion that is hard to explain, until you experience it.

I got my energy back from first trimester, but its super hard to walk up steps or do too much movement. I structure my days to where I’m not exhausting myself with day-to-day activities.

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Shortness of breath

This is normal for pregnant women due to our uterus expanding and growing. Also, our body is working harder so we may need to catch our breath more! I find that I experience shortness of breath from talking or walking (especially up stairs).

Excessive Thirst

According to the National Institutes of Health “your body needs even more fluids than usual to support baby’s blood circulation, amniotic fluid and your own higher blood volume.”

At first I was really concerned about being so thirsty but now that I understand how hard my body is working, I know that thirst is normal but I make sure to drink at least a gallon and a half of water. It’s a lot of water but my body needs it!


I didn’t experience heartburn first trimester but it has definitely been painful this trimester. I have been taking Tums Smoothies and they have worked wonders in getting rid of my heartburn.


Leg cramps happen due to lack of circulation. I find that I get leg cramps most often while I am asleep. It feels like a charlie horse! Flex your foot to work through it or massage your calf (if you can still reach it).


This happens if you stand up too quickly. This is also something that I noticed usually happens at night when I am making a mad dash to the bathroom.

If at all possible, get up SLOWLY (think: sit on edge of the bed and count to 10, then place more weight into your feet and count to 10, then stand up).

If you have to get up quickly, hold on to a sturdy surface and be careful.


As our belly grows, it becomes harder and harder to get comfortable and sleep. I use pillows and blankets to cradle my belly and it offers a bit of comfort while sleeping.

Truthfully, it’s the hormones and having to go to the bathroom a lot keeps us mamas from sleeping.

I personally have found that I have insomnia because I have a lot of anxiety about birth and being a mama! I think this is normal for us first time moms, especially since we don’t know what to expect!

Frequent Pee-ing

I could’ve said “urinate” but whatever.

Long story short, the baby is sitting on your bladder now and makes you have to go to the bathroom way more than first trimester!

I probably go to the bathroom once an hour some days (remember I also drink a gallon and a half of water).


Cravings are pretty normal all throughout pregnancy.

I haven’t had any weird cravings (except maybe McDonald’s cheese burgers).

Pregnancy brain

Pregnancy brain is forgetfulness and mental fogginess. It get’s real, during second trimester!

If I don’t write something down then consider it forgotten. Lately I’ve been walking out of the house with no pants on – I simply forgot. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Always warm (sweaty)

Pregnancy brings on a lot of body changes and sweating is one of them. Our changing hormones and all the work our body is doing causing our body temperature to increase which leads to sweating.

I have been sweating more between my legs, under my stomach, between and under my breasts. Really, I sweat all over.

Back aches

I needed constant massages during this trimester. My back is constantly hurting and aching. This is just something we have to work through until pregnancy is over.

Another thing I want to share is that I don’t want to be touched unless its a massage. It’s so interesting but I feel like I am more sensitive to touch and because my body is sore, I prefer not to be touched at all. 

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Weight Gain

I personally haven’t gained a lot of weight because I initially lost 15 pounds during first trimester; however, second trimester is when you start gaining more weight.

We are growing an entire human so weight gain is totally normal and now you should see your belly POP and you become “noticeably” pregnant!

Feeling the baby flutter….

Best day of my life!

It’s such an amazing feeling when you start feeling those butterflies in your stomach and notice your little one kicking. It honestly feels like you’re being tickled on the inside!

I now feel him kick multiple times during the day.

Partner finds your more desirable…

Maybe it’s because I’m too hot to wear pants… but my husband has been all over me and finds me very attractive.

I have to say, sometimes I look in the mirror and when I see this pregnancy glow and how I’m changing into a fully pregnant mama, it is definitely something to admire.

Should you buy new clothes?

The last thing I want to share is my wardrobe. Second trimester has you busting out of all your normal clothes! My stomach is hanging below all my shirts and I can’t wear jeans.

My mom and husband’s mom purchased a few maternity pants for me but I have been wearing my husband’s work shirts and old over-sized t-shirts and stretchy tops.

I just like to be comfortable and right now I’m not focusing on being a fashion maven! However, second trimester is the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe with some staple pieces to carry you through the rest of your pregnancy!

So…. this is my second trimester experience and what to really expect in the second trimester!

Until Next Time!

xoxo, Kay

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