What it takes to make MORE money with LESS clients

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A couple of weeks ago I did an episode on questions to ask yourself before raising your prices.

Today I want to shift and dig into what it looks like to make more money with less clients because usually we raise our prices because we want to make more without having to work more, that’s logical.

If you’re charging $500 and want to make $5000, you’d need 10 clients or you can charge $1500 and only work with 4 clients (thats $6k BTW).

4 clients me boo.

So lets talk about what it takes to make MORE money with less clients.

1. Believe that you can charge a premium.

I’ve said this 1000 times but mindset is everything in business.

In order to work with less clients at some point you’re going to have to increase your prices, but in order to do that you have to believe that you can charge a premium.

Oftentimes service providers and coaches get it twisted, you feel like the industry is saturated or that people can’t afford it but I PROMISE you there’s people out there that can afford your TOP packages. You have to believe that.

You also have to believe that your current clients won’t leave just because you increase the price.

That one used to have me so stuck in my photography business. I was so afraid that my existing clients would be like “uh no” that it took me forever to charge a premium, even though I was providing a premium service.

2. Be clear about the transformation you provide.

Listen, everyone says they can shorten your to do list, help you reach 10K months, and help you stay in your zone of genius.

No one is compelled by that anymore.

It’s important when you’re raising your prices and wanting to make more money that you get super clear and granular about the transformation your provide.

What are the specifics? What is something only YOU are doing and that you know you are consistently helping people get this results?

For example, one of my transformation I provide is that I will customize a marketing approach that’s aligned with your lifestyle and business goals. I’m not big on trending or viral strategies, but instead I’m passionate about helping you create a sustainable strategy that’ll keep you in business for years to come.

This is what I do inside my Simple Marketing VIP Experience and inside the BecomingCEO Method.

I could say the transformation I provide is helping you hit $10K months but honestly why would I do that when I know my sweet spot is helping you create a sustainable business where you’re not stressed out trying to figure out how to grow and market but instead you have confidence in your strategy and business to consistently sign clients. Um sign me up.

3. Executing on your marketing efforts.

Marketing to a premium client requires a different level of execution on your part.

Premium clients don’t care too much for all the details they are looking for confidence, consistency, and execution.

They want to know that you can do the job and do it well. So when you are marketing your services and offers you have to show that you can execute your own ish so they know you can do it for them.

4. Selling because you know you’re the ish. Owning your authority.

Listen, you know you’re the ish. You know your transformation, you’re showing up and consistently providing free game, you’re believing that you can charge a premium but the key to actually making more is SELLING.

Without sales you don’t have a business.

It’s time for you to really step into your role as an expert and ask for the sale. To make sure that you are always looking for opportunities to offer your services.

Truthfully, selling at a premium requires you to really show up because you’re not at the low end of the scale where you can skate by because the price is cheap. You have to prove your worth and value. Which is easy when you own your authority because you have receipts and a clear transformation to back up your belief in your premium price.

This isn’t the time to back down and offer random discounts (you can offer discounts but do it with INTENTION and a STRATEGY).

You have to wake up every day and know that you are deserving of having an exclusive client roster that allows you to make the money you want to make without breaking your back. You have to show up and promote and sell yourself with that level of confidence and OWN that you are the right person for the job.


You probably didn’t notice this but I legit just took you through my signature BecomingCEO Framework.

The framework is:

  • B-Beliefs,
  • C-Clarity,
  • E-Execution, and
  • O-Own your authority and sales

One thing I know for certain is that when you’re stuck on something in your business it usually falls within one of those 4 areas. After working with tons of clients I’m confident in this coaching method and how I teach you to really embody who you are as a CEO so you can create and build a sustainable business.

Growth and expansion happens inside the BCEO Method and I’d love to support you inside this coaching container! We have a Marketing Plan Guide that helps you write out your comprehensive marketing plan, there’s other guides to help you hit specific biz milestones, and there’s tons of trainings and full courses to help you learn different marketing strategies and create launch plans for your business.

The Method is literally my brain downloaded and all my best content as well as lifetime access to coaching so you’ll always have support! I’d love to have you inside!


So that’s it, what it takes for you to make more money with LESS clients! Let’s get this SCHMONEY!


  • What it takes for you to make more money with LESS clients!



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