What I Wish I Knew Before College

There is no way for me to write everything I wish I knew before college. Maybe I’ll write a book of cheat codes on things to know before starting school. It’s a crap ton of things I wish people would have warned me of before college.

I did a YouTube video on this topic (Click Here) and even after writing this post and recording I still have a million and one things I could add to the list! By no means is this list everything you need to know but it is certainly a good start!

So, what do I wish I knew before college?

  1. That you can rent textbooks instead of buying them for much cheaper!!!

Don’t buy from the campus bookstore. The bookstore marks books up sometimes 200%. There are websites such as Chegg and Abe Books where you can rent books on the low! Also, King Amazon (or Queen Amazon – amazon.com) is the plug when you want to purchase books at an affordable price. Just please, skip going to the bookstore first it’s a waste of money.

  1. Don’t take 8am or Friday classes.

Although you are used to waking up early for classes from high school. You may not be used to pulling all-nighters or going to waffle house at 2am just because you can. In both these situations you are less likely to want to wake up for an 8am class.

As for Friday classes, just DON’T! Friday’s are for lounging because you will spend all weekend either studying, doing extra-curricular activities, or traveling home. During college my only “free day” was Friday because all weekend I had events and tons of studying to do. In some cases, you can’t escape the 8am or Friday class but at least TRY!

  1. Take adventures with your friends!

Be safe but have fun! Those are memories that you will never have the opportunity to do again. That random Friday trip to the beach, go (this is why you should skip taking Friday classes if you can avoid it)! College is what you make it, don’t miss out on opportunities to bond and create lifelong friendships and memories.

  1. Sit in the front row.

I really wish I would have known this freshman year! Sitting in the front row opens you up to having an intimate relationship with your professor. As a person who sits in the front row you are more focused and tend to do better in class. Why? What is this magic of the front row? It’s the fact that the teacher is staring you in the face and focusing on you. Also, in the front row you are definitely paying attention and not texting (or reading this blog in class).

  1. Its ok if it takes longer than 4 years to finish college!

A lot of people may not want to hear this, but it is perfectly ok if it takes you longer to graduate! The important thing is the quality of your education and your resume. Sometimes people change their major or have to work while they are in school. Now is not the time to compare yourself to others. Stay the course and stay in yo lane! You will graduate when it is time for you to graduate. Stay focused. Life happens and with all the changes you experience in college embrace the unexpected and move forward. It will all be ok!

These are just a few things I wish I knew before college. I will probably expand on this more in the future but as I reflect over my college career I had to share these few things.

xoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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