What I am grateful for this week

This week I wanted to share really quickly some things that I am thankful for, in hopes that you also sit and think about what you’re grateful for (and share it with me in the comments or on social media).

Lately, I have been on an entrepreneurial journey and it has NOT been easy. This journey makes me think of how I felt trying to get a job out of college, hard but worth it in the end.

I am so grateful to all the people who have taken a chance on me these past few months. From my best friend/sorority sister who consistently gives me encouragement and lets me run all my big ideas by her to my loving husband who listens to me change my mind everyday about what I want to do.

What I am creating is so much bigger than me and I am grateful to every person that follows my journey and believes in me.

So, here is a praise report:

-I have my first client for my social media management business

-Booked my first bride of 2018 and I have a wedding booked for 2019

-My network of bloggers is constantly growing and I love photographing them

-The launching of She’s a Creative Podcast is coming in June

-The Social Savvy Co (social media management business) is launching in the next few weeks

-I am creating courses for small business owners on social media, pricing, and more

-My blog is growing daily thanks to all my amazing followers (yep, you reading right now)

So many good things are happening, and I just wanted to take a moment and say I am grateful to you for reading this and I am grateful to you for following my journey! More is coming soon!

Xoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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