Two places you need to be intentional with your business – stop being reactive and start being PROACTIVE

Today’s episode is about being INTENTIONAL with your business and two places where you need to be PROACTIVE instead of being reactive!

I have a little advice to give about being intentional with your biz from some life lessons I (and my friends) have experienced!

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Here are 2 places you need to be intentional with in your business (links are affiliate links):

Finances – know your money and how much money you’re making (or not making) in your business so you can track your business growth.

  • Having a budget for your business
  • Knowing where your investing (courses, programs, etc)
  • Profit + loss statements
  • Taxes 

Legal – LegalShield – Its better to have a lawyer and not need them, than need one and not have one.

  • Who is going to protect you and your business when you need it?
  • You can get help with:
    • Copyright/trademarking
    • Contracts
    • Defamation of character + libel
    • Suing
    • Knowing if you should get a LLC or SCorp or Corporation
    • Audit for taxes
    • Customer demands a refund when there isn’t one or outside of a warranty

You can’t use the excuse that “I didn’t know” when it comes to business. We have to be vigilant and intentional with our business. Instead of being reactionary we can be proactive. Hope this episode helps!

xoxo, Kay

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