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Trying a Nikon and Why I’ll NEVER Do It Again… Musings of a Newbie

A couple weeks ago, a fellow photographer convinced me that Nikon was the GOAT.


I did some research (thanks Google) and realized that the price of a Nikon was half of Canon with very similar (sometimes better) specs.


So, I purchased the Nikon D610.


I am so disappointed.


The focusing is all wrong. I love that it has so many points to focus (I believe 32) but the issue is that the images were not tack sharp. I read the manual cover to cover and even took images with my Canon to compare and ultimately… Canon images look better. 


Everything is flipped backwards on the Nikon and as a right-handed person using this particular camera is not very intuitive.


The manual (I love reading these) is pretty clear but the buttons are all over the place on the Nikon D610 and I found that very frustrating as a Canon user.


I have been using Canon for almost a year and I tried really hard to put that to the side and objectively try Nikon.


When I decided to become a photographer, I bought a Canon t6i!


I loved that little camera. It was a crop sensor and I didn’t know any better. I used this camera for 2 months before I realized that to really take my images to the next level I needed a full frame camera.


So I bought my baby…


the Canon 6D.


Cost has always been a factor in my purchasing decisions. While I understand the value in the higher cost Canon cameras, my wallet couldn’t quite swing it.


Since I have the Nikon D610 I plan to send it back and purchase another camera with the money that I’ll get back.


Overall this has been a stressful situation, especially since I have a wedding to shoot this weekend.


All this to say… I am going to stay loyal to Canon.




Canon all the way boo!


What camera do you use?


xoxoxo Kay

xoxo, Kay

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