Time saving hacks for moms in business

I run 3 companies and on average I work 15 hours a week. Crazyyyyy!

I want to be clear and say that I’m just now getting to this point!

I was working “around the clock” in my business prior to 2019. I would probably work upwards of 40 hours in my businesses before my kids were born (while still working my day jobs) but once they showed up to the scene, something had to give!

The other thing I want to say is: Some weeks I work 7-10 hours and other weeks I work 20-32, I rarely hit 40 and thats only if I’m in a creation stretch or working on a new project. So the amount of hours I work each week ranges but my ideal work week is 15 hours!

So here we go: Time saving hacks for moms in business!

Track your time

I track my time using Toggl. This allows me to see what I’m ACTUALLY getting done during my “work time.” It made me look at my work time as my “clocked in” time and I was able to take my work sessions more seriously!

Time tracking also allowed me to see how long it took things and to dedicate time to getting tasks done.

Prioritize Income Producing Activities (IPAs)

What tasks actually move the needle forward in your business? What tasks actually make you money? During my “clocked in” hours these are the ONLY things I focus on. Then once they are done I can move onto secondary tasks.

I have a calendar view of my quarter and month so that I can see my launches and overall marketing strategy so that I know where I need to focus my effort and energy. (I us the Aligned digital planner for this)

Batch create content when you feel inspired

Don’t force yourself to create. When you are in the creation mode – do it in bulk and let that fuel your marketing efforts. It’s ok to not post all day every day. Consistency doesn’t equal frequency so commit to 1-2 days of batching content and call it a day.

Prioritize your weekly content (your evergreen platforms) and create a repurposing strategy to stretch and bring more traffic to your content.

Hiring and outsourcing

Not just for my business but also for my life.

When I’m on a business run or during a launch I don’t have time to do laundry, so I outsource it.

On the other hand, more routine and consistent tasks in my business are things that I can hand off to someone else for support (which is why I hired my world class VA).

Stick to your commitments (to yourself)

If I say I’m going to do something or show up a certain way, I make it a non-negotiable.

If you say you’re going to do it – you just have to do it.

Fill the love tanks first

Making sure you fill up the cups of your family (kids, spouse, partner, etc) and yourself. When you give your first energy to your family (and God of course), they will give you the time and space you need to actually get work done.

In addition to this, making sure you are taking care of YOURSELF will keep your energy up so when it’s time to show up you are able to do it without feeling like it’s a chore.

Schedule 1 day/week of concentrated work

Each week I try to take one day where I have 3-6 hours CONSECUTIVELY to get work done and to get AHEAD of my life/business.

This takes some coordination with my husband but it allows me a chance to get work done all in one day and then I can enjoy the rest of my week without really thinking about business. Usually I take Sundays from 11-3/4pm and my husband uses that day to spend time with the kids just 1:1!


These are my time saving hacks for moms in business! Honestly this can work for anyone but I wanna show a little extra love to my mamas in business!


  • Time saving hacks for moms in business



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