Things Pregnant Women are TIRED of Hearing

This is all in good fun! I’m sure my mamas will agree that some of the things people say to us while we are pregnant are very cringe-worthy. Here’s a list of things pregnant women are TIRED of hearing! I’ll be adding to the list as I get through this pregnancy!

You Shouldn’t Be Doing That… You’re Pregnant!

Oh my gosh! If you didn’t remind me, I would’ve forgotten! But seriously, we know we are pregnant and I’m pretty sure we know what we can and cannot do. Keep your commentary to yourself.

Get Plenty Of Sleep. You Won’t Get Any When The Baby Comes!

Gee… thanks for the vote of confidence but honestly, I’m barely able to sleep well now. I’m sure I’ll manage.

You’re So Tiny!

Any comments about SIZE… just don’t even mention! Some of us really want to be super huge and others are self conscious during this time. So, just don’t.

Wow You’re Huge. Are You Sure It’s Not Twins?

Whew… again, don’t comment about a pregnant woman’s size! It’s so rude! If I were having twins, I’m sure my doctor would’ve told me! *hard eye roll*

I Read On Facebook That Having An Epidural Can Leave You Paralyzed.

Yep! Because everything you read on Facebook is 100% truth.

Whew! While there are plenty of statistics about epidurals in MEDICAL journals, we don’t need your commentary.

I Can’t Wait To _____ With “Our baby”

No…. he’s just MY baby. Please don’t plan his schedule.

I’m sure people have good intentions with this one but it’s a little creepy coming from people that I never have dinner with.

Still No Sign Of The Baby?

Thanks Captain Obvious. Do you see a baby?


I’m pretty sure I have this one covered, but thanks for giving me a name that doesn’t resonate with me at all.


Please don’t finish that sentence…


Whew! We have got to let go of sharing all our horror stories! Pregnancy is new and can be tough for some moms but it’s important to keep us calm and know when to share these horror stories (and it’s definitely not during third trimester).

“Well, you won’t have time for that anymore after the baby comes!”

….Because that’s exactly what I was worried about.

Pretty sure all my mamas can relate to this and you probably have even more to add to the list!

Feel free to comment below and let me know what things you’re TIRED of hearing while you’re pregnant and I’ll update this list (with credit)!

xoxo, Kay

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