Things I’m Quitting to Scale My Online Business

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I recently shared this in a post on IG and I wanted to expand and chat about it more here on the podcast. Here are some things I’m quitting to scale my online business.

I’ve been in business for almost 5 years and I’ve seen a lot of changes and growth. However, in the last year I’ve been experiencing significant growth that has happened as a result of me quitting certain things and I wanted to share what they were in hopes that it gives you some freedom, confirmation, or ideas.

Read on to find out what I’m quitting so I can scale my online business.

Stopped increasing my prices just because someone told me I should

Yes, you read that right. I have stopped increasing my prices just because a coach (who isn’t even my ideal client) told me to.

I look at my pricing without attaching my emotions to it thanks to my Plan 2 Profit Calculator. I price everything based on my cost of doing business which takes into account my business expenses and actually paying myself.

I no longer have an emotional attachment to my prices because I’m literally basing it off the numbers to keep the business operational. I know that I don’t need to raise my prices just because a coach thinks my offer is worth a certain amount.

I know exactly how much I need to make and how many people I need to serve to hit it. I’m clear on my visibility and audience growth goals and I want the same for you which is why I created my Plan 2 Profit: The Aligned Business Workshop for you. This will change the game for your entire business.

In addition, I have also stopped setting goals based only on revenue. My goals are based on client outcomes and business outcomes that have nothing to do with revenue.

Stopped doing “all the things”

I stopped taking 1:1 video coaching calls. In addition, I hired help, streamlined my processes for marketing and now I’m working less and making more than I ever had when I was trying to do 5000 things.

I’ve closed an entire business for good because I realized it wasn’t aligned and kept me in the cycle of being busy and overwhelmed.

Stressful launch cycles

I have shifted my offers to evergreen. Now I sell what feels aligned and what truly provides a transformation.

This doesn’t mean I’ll never launch again, but if I do my launches will be super intentional and not frequent.

False scarcity

Look, either there are spots or there aren’t.

Either I’m not running the program again or I am.

I’m not pretending I’ve filled spots or that I’ll never run the program again. It’s unnecessary.

Selling my income

It doesn’t matter how much I’ve made.

My success doesn’t guarantee your success.

You still have to show up, implement, execute, and do the work… I hope that all my clients out earn me, but truthfully my income is irrelevant to the transformation and value I bring so I won’t market my income to convince you to invest.

What I will do is show you evidence of others I’ve supported so you can see the success others have had with me which is way more helpful than what I can do for myself.

So, are you ready to start quitting?

Are you wanting to scale or finding yourself in a position to scale but you know you’re doing a bit too much?

I want to invite you to apply to the Sustainably Scaling Mastermind.

In this space I’ll help you streamline and make sense of your business so you can quickly grow to the next level in a way that’s simple and feels aligned with your life goals.

We cover so many areas I can’t even get into it all here, but if you’re tired of doing a bunch of calls, or tired of feeling like you have to keep raising your prices or have a long waitlist the mastermind might be for you. If your business feels overwhelming, or maybe you just hate the strategies you’re using to grow and you want to create offers and a marketing strategy that allows you to scale to six and multiple six figures, then the mastermind is for you.


  • The things I’m quitting (like doing all the things, raising my prices for no reason, and selling my income) in order to scale my online business.



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